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Cottesloe A Day out

Cottesloe A Day out , Discover Cottesloe

Cottesloe Beach
Cottesloe Beach

We think Cottesloe is a wonderful little place. Very handy for the beach and trips to Perth via its train link. We found free parking alongside the walkway above the beach area. The centre of town is lovely, full of independent shops cafes and restaurants. The supermarket is an old building that housed the America’s cup boat AUSTRALIA II. AUSTRALIA II went on to win the 1983 America’s Cup, ending a record 132-year winning streak held by the New York Yacht Club. The place is called Boatshed Market now. It’s one of the best markets I have ever been to, it’s like they have taken Waitrose and Harrods food halls and merged them.

The Boatshed Market

The Grandeur of The Boatshed Market shows you that this area has a little bit more money around. We found plenty of Accommodation around this area that was lovely. We were kind of put off by the walk to town. In actual fact, it would have been a good call to stay. It has a bit of a nice feel to it and the walk is not as far as I thought. The other thing was we needed to be on a good bus route to town for a wedding we needed to attend. Scarborough Beach provided us with the last bus home, after the wedding. When we visit Perth again, We will definitely make this place an accommodation stop. The walks along the beach and the quietness of the place make it a pleasure to visit. It is a little less hectic than some other places.

Trips out and about

Cottesloe Beach
Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe is divided into three areas along the beachfront area. The Cottesloe Beach main/central area is a good place for swimming walking and cycling. The cycle path runs all the way along the beachfront at the top near the road.

Peters Pool is in North Cottesloe it is a great snorkelling spot. There is a protective reef that surrounds the swimming area. You will find this area in front of The North Cottesloe SLSC (Surf Life Saving Club). There are a few restaurants/cafes here, The Blue Duck and Barchetta.

There’s no beach at all to the South of Cottesloe, just some rocky reefs and cliffs. This is the area where the surfers head and it is great for watching the wind and kite surfers. Cottesloe is the birthplace of surfing and surf lifesaving in Western Australia. Grab a board and learn to surf with the many surfing schools along the beach.

The Shorehouse Café
The Shorehouse Café

We walked from the South end of the beach from just in front of the Seaview Golf Club North towards Scarborough Beach. You can stop for a rest at The Shorehouse café which has amazing views of the sea. They also serve a choice of excellent coffee and cakes. I walked out on the walking path on the way North and returned by paddling in the water along the beach coming back South.

You can get to Cottesloe Beach by using the Fremantle Train line, from Perth to Fremantle and getting off at Mosman Park station. From here you are about 10 minutes walk from South Beach end. If you want to get off at the Cottesloe stop then this will drop you in the centre. This gives you an option to have a look around the shops before going down to the beach.

Cycle and Walking Trails Cottesloe

Cottesloe Sun dial
Cottesloe Sun dial

The cycling and walking route from Cottesloe to Hillarys covers 25 kilometres (16 miles) of stunning Perth coastline. Pick any section of the route to tackle by foot or hire a bike. Just cycle or walk as far as you want to. It’s entirely down to you when to decide it’s far enough and want to turn back.

There are plenty of cafes to stop off at for refreshments along the way. We walked one way and came back via the beach. Much of the Perth area has fantastic cycling and walking areas next to the beach, it is a real plus being able to share a safe space to walk cycle and explore yet be safely away from the traffic.

Dingo Flour Mill South of Cottesloe

Fremantle Dingo Flour
Dingo Flour Mill Fremantle

Well worth a photograph if you are visiting Cottesloe from the South end (Fremantle) The Dingo Flour sign is a well-known landmark of a stylised silhouetted dingo in red on the side of a historic and heritage-listed working flour mill in North Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia. I have tried to find out a bit about the history of this mill. Every page I find contains different information. All I can say is that it’s a good landmark and an iconic painting that you will find in Fremantle.

Location of Dingo Flour Mill, you will pass it if you are driving off towards Cottesloe from Fremantle. Take the highway 12, Queen Victoria Street over the River. You must then turn first left and follow the road around to your left as it bends. You can park near the apartments between Port Beach and Leighton Beach. Location Map for Dingo Flour

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