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Clipper Round the World Race 2023-2024

The Thrilling Start of Clipper Round the World Race 2023-2024 at Portsmouth’s Gunwharf Quays

Sailing into the Unknown

Clipper Round the World Race Gunwharf Quays
Clipper Round the World Race Gunwharf Quays Clipper Round the World Race 2023-2024

The maritime world is once again abuzz with excitement as the Clipper Round the World Race sets sail for its 2023-2024 edition. This epic global sailing adventure, known for pushing human limits and testing the mettle of both amateur and professional sailors, promises an exhilarating journey across the vast oceans. From its spectacular start to the triumphant finish, and every leg in between, let’s dive into the heart of this extraordinary race. Clipper Round the World Race 2023-2024

Enjoy five days of epic celebrations from 30th August before witnessing the start of this incredible race on Sunday 3rd September!

Clipper Round the World Race 2023-2024

30 AUG – 1 SEPT // 1100-1900

Tour a Clipper 70 Ocean Racing Yacht

Gunwharf Quays Portsmouth
Gunwharf Quays Portsmouth

Following a full refit ahead of the 40,000nm challenge, you’ll be among the first to tour the magnificent ocean racing fleet, above and below deck. Feed your curiosity about onboard living conditions, technology and life at a 40º angle in extreme weather conditions.

The tours are free to attend, however, booking is required to ensure they can host everyone.

Live Music 31 AUG – 1 SEPT // 1200-1900 Free Event

Clipper Round the World Race Portsmouth
Clipper Round the World Race Portsmouth

Celebrating the very best emerging talent from Portsmouth and across the region. Come down and show your support for amazing emerging artists.

Presenting a New Wave

Sounds of the World

Circumnavigate the globe through an eclectic mix of music and entertainment. Enjoy everything from Mariachi bands to samba-reggae percussion.

31 AUG – 3 SEPT // 1000-1900 Tastes of the World
World Street Food

Clipper Round the World Race Gunwharf Quays
Clipper Round the World Race Gunwharf Quays

Are you ready for a culinary adventure? Taste your way around the world with delicious dishes themed around Clipper 2023-24 Race destinations and the 50+ nations our Race Crew represent. From vibrant Mexican to tastes of the Far East and sweet treats, you’ll find something to satisfy your appetite.

Harbour Motor Sail Tours


A great opportunity to chat with the Skipper and First Mate about the Clipper Race, and learn more about life on board a Clipper 68 – which has sailed round the world four times. Enjoy the views as you motor out of the harbour entrance and replicate what the Clipper 2023-24 Race crews will be doing as they depart on the upcoming edition.

30 AUG – 3 SEPT // DAILY

Clipper Race Discovery Talks

Clipper Round the World Race Race of Your Life
Clipper Round the World Race Race of Your Life

Bring family and friends and meet the courageous Race Crew, Skippers and operating teams. Find out what it takes to embark on a leg of the Clipper Race, and how, with no previous sailing experience needed, it is possible to embark on The Race of Your Life.

Most Events are free, but some are bookable. Book Tickets for the above bookable events at the Discover Clipper website.

RACE START Clipper Round the World Race 2023-2024

Race of Your Life Clipper Round the World Race
Race of Your Life Clipper Round the World Race





Watch on as each of the eleven-strong fleet depart Gunwharf Marina ready for Race Start.



See the fleet line up together in a vibrant formation.
1440 – Passes Gunwharf Quays
1443 – Passes Round Tower
1456 – Passes Southsea Castle



Setting Sail

Clipper Round the World Race 2023-2024
Clipper Round the World Race 2023-2024

The world of sailing is once again at the edge of its seat as the Clipper Round the World Race 2023-2024 kicks off in spectacular fashion. Against the backdrop of maritime heritage and a sense of adventure, the race sets sail from Portsmouth’s renowned Gunwharf Quays. This iconic location, steeped in nautical history, provides the perfect stage for the high-stakes beginning of a journey that will test the limits of both sailors and their vessels.

A Nautical Playground at Gunwharf Quays: Nestled on the shores of Portsmouth Harbour, Gunwharf Quays is more than just a marina – it’s a bustling waterfront destination that combines history, culture, and maritime fervour. Home to stunning waterfront views, lively restaurants, and a range of entertainment options, the quayside offers the ideal setting to bid farewell to the brave sailors embarking on this daring global adventure.

The Start Line Buzz

Clipper Round the World Race 2023-2024

As the race’s official starting point, (Southsea Castle at 16.00) Sail from Gunwharf Quays at 14.40. Spectators will gather from all corners of the globe to witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of a fleet of racing yachts. As they get ready to tackle the world’s oceans. The air will be filled with a palpable mix of nerves and exhilaration as crews make their final preparations. Knowing that the journey ahead will be anything but ordinary.

Global Camaraderie

The diverse crews, representing various nations and walks of life, are at the heart of the Clipper Round the World Race. The flags of the participating countries flutter in the breeze. Serving as a reminder of the global camaraderie that unites these intrepid sailors. From first-time adventurers to seasoned yachtsmen. Each sailor shares a common goal, to conquer the challenges of the open sea and etch their names into the annals of sailing history.

A Farewell to Shores, As the yachts are meticulously positioned along the start line. The sailors will bid an emotional farewell to their loved ones. Knowing that the journey ahead will test their courage, resilience, and teamwork like never before. The atmosphere will be charged with a mix of emotions. From the bittersweet farewells to the adrenaline-fueled anticipation of the race’s start.

Clipper Round the World Race Yachts
Clipper Round the World Race Yachts

The start of the Clipper Round the World Race 2023-2024 at Portsmouth’s Gunwharf Quays and Southsea Castle. It will be a magnificent display of human determination, maritime heritage, and the boundless spirit of adventure. Against the backdrop of history and the allure of the open sea. The sailors will embark on a journey that will take them across oceans, through challenges, and towards personal triumphs. As the yachts disappear over the horizon, the spirit of Gunwharf Quays lingers. As a reminder that, in the world of sailing, every start is a new beginning, and every journey promises an unforgettable tale.

The Route

Clipper Round the World Race 2023-2024

Leg 1

Portsmouth, UK – Punta del Este, Uruguay. The journey commences in Portsmouth the Great Waterfront City. Where eleven teams representing different nations unfurl their sails and embark on the first leg. The sailors bid farewell to familiar shores and set their sights on the South Atlantic. They make their way to Punta del Este, Uruguay. This initial 6,400-nautical-mile leg challenges both sailors and boats alike, testing their endurance and teamwork.

Leg 2

Punta del Este, Uruguay – Cape Town, South Africa. As the race continues, the fleet heads towards the breathtakingly beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. This 3,400-nautical-mile leg brings a mix of challenging conditions, from fast-paced trade winds to potentially treacherous calms. The sailors must navigate skillfully through these dynamic waters while battling fatigue and intense competition.

Leg 3

Cape Town, South Africa – Perth, Australia. The third leg is one of the longest, spanning approximately 4,750 nautical miles across the Indian Ocean. From Cape Town, the sailors head to the sun-soaked city of Perth, Australia. This leg is notorious for its unpredictable weather patterns, pushing the crews to adapt swiftly to changing conditions and tactics.

Leg 4

Perth, Australia – Sanya, China. The fleet then departs from the shores of Australia and ventures into the vast Pacific Ocean. En route to Sanya, China. Covering around 5,600 nautical miles. This leg poses unique challenges, including navigating through the doldrums and harnessing the power of the trade winds. The sailors are not only contending with the elements but also immersing themselves in the rich cultures they encounter.

Leg 5

Sanya, China – Seattle, USA From China. The crews sail across the Pacific Ocean to the vibrant city of Seattle, USA. Covering approximately 6,300 nautical miles, this leg brings a mix of exhilarating downwind racing and strategic decision-making. The sailors must navigate the Pacific’s vast expanse while maintaining peak performance to secure their position in the standings.

Leg 6

Seattle, USA – Panama City, Panama The race continues through the Panama Canal, one of the world’s engineering marvels. The fleet makes its way from Seattle to Panama City. This approximately 3,900-nautical-mile leg demands precision navigation. The teams pass through the canal’s locks before tackling the challenges of the Caribbean Sea.

Leg 7

Panama City, Panama – New York City, USA From Panama. The sailors set their course towards the iconic skyline of New York City. This 3,000-nautical-mile leg weaves through the Caribbean islands, presenting both tactical opportunities and potential pitfalls. As the crews sail past famous landmarks before docking in NYC, they are reminded of the incredible journey they’ve undertaken.

Leg 8

New York City, USA – London, UK The final leg sees the triumphant return of the fleet to Portsmouth. Thus completing the circumnavigation of the globe. Spanning around 3,000 nautical miles, this leg is a true test of endurance and determination. The sailors battle fatigue and emotions, knowing that the finish line is within sight. The cheers of supporters and fellow sailors welcome them back, celebrating their remarkable achievements.

The Clipper Round the World Race 2023-2024 is more than a mere competition. It’s a testament to the human spirit’s indomitable will and the beauty of teamwork. The journey from start to finish and through each of the eight legs encapsulates the challenges, triumphs, and unbreakable bonds forged on the high seas. As the crews make their way across oceans and continents. They will leave an indelible mark on the maritime history. They will inspire countless others to dream big and set sail into the unknown.

Every effort has been made to get the above details of legs correct, some may well change before or during the race. Keep an eye on the official website for more news and more information about this exciting race Clipper Round the World Race 2023-2024 Website

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