Saturday, April 13, 2024

Win November 2023

Never lose a bag again, win a SMART tag

We have One to give away this month. (Retail Price £14.99) Entries from mainland UK residents only (because of postal charges)

Great news! Our Raffle Press App has just conducted a random draw. (The winner has been contacted)

The Winner has been notified

Huge congratulations on being selected as the winner of the Retreev Smart Tag in our recent competition hosted on

Your enthusiasm and participation truly stood out, and we’re thrilled to be sending this fantastic prize your way.

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Money off code for the Retreev SMART Tag

If you are unlucky enough not to win then you can take advantage of the discount offer below to buy one from the Retreev website. You must copy the code and then click the link for the offer to work.

Smart tag
Retreev Smart tag

Should your bag go missing, the Retreev SMART tag will allow anyone to help get it back to you swiftly and securely. Each Retreev SMART tag has an NFC chip, QR code and a Unique ID. Making it easy for anyone to help return your lost bag. Retreev protects your identity. Identity theft is rising, and old baggage tags have your name, contact details and home address written in plain sight! No personal details are displayed on your Retreev tag. Every tag has a unique ID that is linked to a secure Retreev account.

We have One to give away this month. (Retail Price £14.99) If you would like to buy one then we have a code for 20% off Retreev tags Use Code: TRAVEL20 at Checkout. Use this website link to buy one

We have also Listed on Loquax Competitions for this draw.

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