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Pizza in Split

Pizzeria Velo Misto

Pizza in Split Savoring Split’s Delightful Culinary Scene

Pizzeria Velo Misto
Pizzeria Velo Misto Pizza in Split

Pizza in Split, During my stay in a charming Airbnb in Split. I discovered a hidden gem of a pizza restaurant just a short 3-minute walk away, boasting excellent reviews. Intrigued, I made it a point to visit this culinary haven multiple times throughout my stay.

Poljud Perks Pizza,

Passion, and Football Fervour

Poljud football stadium
Poljud Football Stadium Pizza in Split

Having been a culinary staple for 20 years, this pizzeria has masterfully transformed from a simple eatery into a place where everyone feels at home, offering a relaxed family-friendly atmosphere. Its proximity to the Poljud football stadium adds a unique charm, providing an opportunity to soak in the matchday atmosphere and offer fans a refreshing break, making patrons feel like part of the game.

Sunday Showdown

Hajduk vs Dinamo and Pizza Pleasures

Pizza, Passion, and Football Fervour
Pizza, Passion, and Football Fervour Pizza in Split

We arrived in Split on a Sunday, coincidentally on a football day featuring the Hajduk Split vs Dinamo Zagreb match. Given the day, with supermarkets closed, we found the city buzzing with excitement. The pizza restaurant near our Air BandB was brimming with passionate fans devouring slices of pizza and sipping on Ožujsko, Karlovacko, or Pan beer in anticipation of the kickoff.

Pizza Think
Pizza Think

As the match unfolded, Hajduk secured a thrilling 1-0 victory, with Emir Sahiti scoring a decisive goal in the 59th minute. The stadium erupted in cheers, accompanied by the mesmerising glow of flares lighting up the evening sky. The jubilant singing and chants echoed through the city, creating an atmosphere of celebration that lingered on for a considerable time. It was a memorable introduction to the football fervour that permeates Split, leaving us immersed in the passion of the moment.

Stone Oven Magic

Smoky Tastes and Crunchy Crust Pizza in Split

Stone Oven Magic
Stone Oven Magic Pizza in Split

The star of my Takeaway experience was the delightful Pizza Think, priced at 10.00 EUR. This delectable creation featured an irresistible blend of Bolognese sauce, mozzarella, salsa, and oregano, leaving me craving more after the first bite. Equally enticing was the Pizza Sustipanska, priced at 10.50 EUR, showcasing a harmonious mix of dried salami, mushrooms, cheese, slaw, oregano, and olives. Additionally, the Pizza Luca, priced at 10.00 EUR, delighted my taste buds with its medley of mushrooms, peas-carrots, corn, garlic, cheese, artichoke, parsley, shallots, and oregano. Each visit was a culinary adventure, and these pizzas became the highlight of my gastronomic journey in Split.

More Than Just Pizza

Split’s Pizzeria with the Biggest Selection Pizza in Split

Bolognese sauce, mozzarella, salsa, oregano
Bolognese sauce, mozzarella, salsa, oregano Pizza in Split

What truly sets this pizzeria apart is its claim to the biggest selection of pizzas in the city. With a rich menu catering to meat lovers, seafood enthusiasts, and vegetarians alike, I was spoilt for choice. The invitation to let my imagination run wild and create my pizza further added to the allure.

The pizzas and sandwiches, crafted in a stone oven, delivered a distinctive smoky taste and a satisfyingly crunchy crust. The commitment to quality resonated throughout their diverse menu, with no compromises on the delicious ingredients. For those with a sweet tooth, a variety of tempting desserts awaited.

In the heart of Split, this pizzeria beckons you to taste for yourself the best stone oven pizza in the city. This gastronomic experience perfectly complements the enchanting charm of this Croatian destination.

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