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Camping Yelloh! Village Ilbarritz Côte basque

Ilbarritz Camping Your Basque Paradise Awaits!

Pitch with private facilities
Pitch with private facilities

Ilbarritz Camping between Bidart and Biarritz. If you’re looking for a slice of Basque Country heaven, you’ve hit the jackpot at Ilbarritz Camping. As I stand here between the charming towns of Biarritz and Bidart, I can’t help but feel like I’ve discovered a hidden gem. Lidl and Intermarché Super Bidart are close by, either a quick drive or 15 15-minute walk away. We parked our campervan next to a little hut that contained a bathroom (Shower, Toilet, Sink) and a fridge freezer, Microwave and washing-up facilities. It was most unusual to have your own private hut while also using the van.

Arriving at Ilbarritz Camping

Arriving at Ilbarritz
Arriving at Ilbarritz

The moment I set foot in Ilbarritz Camping, I was greeted with a warm “Ongi Etorri,” the local Basque welcome. Imagine being surrounded by 6 hectares of lush, green goodness, right in the heart of it all! And get this, the Le Pavillon Royal beach is just a casual 900 meters away – a quick walk, and I’m soaking up the sun on the sandy shores.

An All-Ages Wonderland Ilbarritz Camping Biarritz

Camping Yelloh! Village Ilbarritz Swimming Pool
Camping Yelloh! Village Ilbarritz Swimming Pool

Now, let me tell you about the real fun stuff! Ilbarritz is a 4-star campsite that knows how to cater to everyone. They’ve got this epic water park with a covered, heated swimming pool (perfect for a bit of relaxation), thrilling water slides (yes, I screamed like a kid), a serene lagoon (great for unwinding), and even a paddling pool (kids, rejoice!)

Your Comfy Abode

Ilbarritz Camping Biarritz

Your Comfy Abode
Your Comfy Abode

When it comes to where you’ll crash after all the excitement, Ilbarritz has got it sorted. You can choose from a range of cosy cottages or pick your pitch. It’s all about making sure you’re comfy and well-rested for your adventures.


  • 130 m²


  • 25 amp electrical supply
  • Water supply
  • European socket
  • Private toilet facilities (shower, toilet, hairdryer)
  • Sun loungers (x2)
  • Barbecue
  • Wooden picnic table covered
  • Concrete strips


  • Hand towels provided
  • End of stay cleaning
  • Wi-Fi included

 Well-equipped kitchen area

  • Fridge freezer
  • Microwave
  • Sink
  • Fridge

Everything at Your Fingertips

Camping Yelloh! Village Ilbarritz Restaurant
Camping Yelloh! Village Ilbarritz Restaurant

Convenience is king here. They’ve thought of everything! Need a bite to eat? Head to the restaurant. Want to unwind? Grab a drink at the bar. Forgot some essentials? No worries, they have shops. And the best part? Freshly baked bread and pastries every morning! I woke up to that heavenly smell every day.

Location of Camping Yelloh! Village Ilbarritz Côte basque

Near by beaches, Plage d’Ilbarritz, Plage de Milady, and Plage du Pavillon Royal

Beach Trio of Basque Beauty

Get ready to be spoiled for choice on the Basque coast with these three exquisite beaches. Plage d’Ilbarritz welcomes you with its tranquil ambience and pristine sands, making it an ideal spot for sun-soaked relaxation. Just a skip away, Plage de Milady adds a vibrant twist with its lively surf scene and beachfront cafes, offering a taste of local flavours. Meanwhile, Plage du Pavillon Royal, nestled nearby, exudes elegance with its serene atmosphere and stunning views. Each of these beaches brings its unique charm to the Basque coastline, ensuring there’s a perfect spot for every type of beach lover.

The Basque Adventure

But wait, there’s more! Ilbarritz Camping is not just about the campsite. It’s your gateway to the Basque Country. From the majestic Atlantic Ocean to the rugged Pyrenees, and through the enchanting villages and into the Spanish Basque Country – it’s all here. I’ve been exploring every nook and cranny, uncovering the secrets of this unique region.

So, fellow travellers, if you’re on the hunt for adventure and a taste of the Basque spirit, Ilbarritz Camping is where it’s at. Pack your bags and come join me in this paradise. Unforgettable moments await, and I promise, you won’t want to leave!

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