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Split Markets

A Stroll Through Splits Fruit and Vegetable Markets

Split’s Green Market Fresh Flavours and Friendly Faces

Fresh Flavours and Friendly Faces
Fresh Flavours and Friendly Faces

Split Markets, Step into the heart of Split, and you’ll find the beating pulse of local life at the Green Market. It’s not just a marketplace; it’s a community hub where farmers and shoppers come together. Let’s take a leisurely walk through this bustling market, where the colours are vivid, the scents are intoxicating, and the smiles are as fresh as the produce.

A Rainbow of Freshness Split Markets

A Rainbow of Freshness Split Markets
A Rainbow of Freshness Split Markets

The fruit stalls are a riot of colours – from the bright yellows of lemons to the deep purples of plums. Locally grown apples and pears sit alongside juicy peaches, inviting you to taste the sweetness of Croatian orchards. Figs, a Mediterranean favourite, are displayed in abundance, their earthy sweetness tempting passersby.

Garden Goodness

Garden Goodness
Garden Goodness

The vegetable section is equally enticing, with tomatoes that taste like sunshine and peppers that come in all shades imaginable. Crisp cucumbers and shiny eggplants add to the array. Among the greens, fragrant basil and parsley bundles are ready to elevate your home-cooked meals. And oh, the aroma of freshly picked garlic – a staple in Croatian kitchens!

Special Treats and Flavours Split Markets

Special Treats and Flavours Split Markets
Special Treats and Flavours Split Markets

Aside from fruits and veggies, the market offers delightful local treats. Pag cheese, a beloved Croatian speciality, is often available for sampling. Be sure to check out the honey stalls, where you can taste the natural sweetness of Croatian wildflowers. And don’t forget to grab a bottle of the local olive oil – it’s the secret ingredient behind many Dalmatian dishes.

Why It’s Worth a Visit

The charm of Split’s Green Market
The charm of Split’s Green Market

The charm of Split’s Green Market lies not just in its produce but in the warmth of its people. Vendors here are more than sellers; they’re storytellers. They’ll gladly share tips on picking the ripest fruits or suggest the best way to use a particular herb. The market isn’t just a place to shop; it’s an experience that immerses you in the daily life of Split. So, if you want to savour the genuine flavours of Croatia and meet friendly faces along the way, a visit to the Green Market is an absolute must. It’s a slice of local life you won’t soon forget.

Location of Green Market Split Markets

Tržnica Matoševa Where Flavours Converge

A Culinary Farmers Market in Split

A Culinary Farmers Market in Split
A Culinary Farmers Market in Split

Tržnica Matoševa, also known as “Mali Pazar” or “The small green market. Is a popular outdoor farmers’ market with stalls selling fruit and vegetables, plus a large meat selection and a Bakery. This one was nearer to our Apartment. The Fruit and veg are a little bit more expensive than the supermarkets but not that much. I managed to buy some nice green beans here that I could not find in the local supermarkets. The range of veg on offer is more than Lidl’s choice and is also locally grown.

Nestled just outside the walls of Split lies Tržnica Matoševa, a lively tapestry of tradition and taste that captures the essence of Croatian life. Beyond being a mere market, Tržnica Matoševa is a culinary odyssey, where history and gastronomy intertwine seamlessly. Let’s embark on a delightful journey through its vibrant alleys, where fresh produce, artisanal delicacies, and friendly smiles create an unforgettable experience.

A Cornucopia of Choices Split Markets

Fresh Veg Split
Fresh Veg Split

Upon entering Tržnica Matoševa, you’re greeted by a kaleidoscope of colours. The fruit section boasts sun-ripened peaches, plump cherries, and figs that practically melt in your mouth. Nearby, crisp vegetables, from vibrant bell peppers to emerald zucchinis, await your selection. But it doesn’t stop there – fragrant herbs, a rainbow of flowers, and locally sourced meats add to the market’s diverse offerings.

The Butcher’s Bounty Mesnica Ante Split Markets

Mesnica Ante Split Markets
Mesnica Ante Split Markets

The local butcher’s shop, a cornerstone of the market, showcases the region’s finest meats. Here, you’ll find succulent cuts of lamb, a testament to Croatia’s proud tradition of sheep farming. The aroma of freshly smoked sausages mingles with the scent of cured hams, inviting you to indulge in the rich flavours of Dalmatian charcuterie. Friendly butchers are always ready to recommend the perfect cuts for your recipes, ensuring an authentic taste of Croatian cuisine.

Bakery Delights Pekara Solin – PJ Matoševa

Bakery Delights Split Market
Bakery Delights Split Market

The aroma of freshly baked bread leads you to a charming bakery tucked away in the market. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, their artisanal loaves are a treat for the senses. Savoury pastries, filled with local cheeses and aromatic herbs, offer a delightful snack. For those with a sweet tooth, decadent pastries adorned with seasonal fruits and sweet cream fillings tempt you to indulge in the finest of Croatian baking traditions.

A Floral Symphony Split Markets

Split Market Flowers
Split Market Flowers

Amidst the hustle and bustle, a flower vendor weaves a fragrant tapestry of blooms. Here, you can find vibrant bouquets of indigenous flowers, adding a pop of colour to the market’s lively atmosphere. Whether you’re picking a bouquet for a loved one or simply admiring the artistry, the flower stall offers a visual feast that complements the market’s diverse offerings.

Smaller Treasures

extra virgin olive oils
Split Markets extra virgin olive oils

Tržnica Matoševa is dotted with smaller speciality stores. An olive oil boutique offers an exquisite range of extra virgin olive oils, each with a unique flavour profile, while a quaint honey shop showcases a variety of locally sourced honey, from lavender-infused delights to the rich intensity of chestnut honey.

Conclusion Split Markets

Split Croatia Fresh Veg
Split Croatia Fresh Veg

Tržnica Matoševa isn’t just a market; it’s a celebration of Croatia’s culinary heritage. Here, the rich tapestry of local life unfolds through fresh produce, artisanal meats, fragrant flowers, and delightful baked goods. It’s a place where every corner reveals a new story, a new taste, and a new experience. So, come and immerse yourself in the flavours of Tržnica Matoševa – where tradition meets innovation, and where every purchase is a delightful discovery.

Location of Tržnica Matoševa Split Markets

Savour the Seasons

A Guide to Croatia’s Fresh Bounty Split Markets

One of the joys of exploring Croatian markets is discovering the vibrant tapestry of seasonal produce. Each month brings a new wave of flavours, offering a culinary adventure for those who love fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Here’s a handy guide to Croatia’s seasonal treasures, ensuring that when you shop, you shop smart for the best taste and value.

January: Citrus Delights

  • Blood Oranges: Bursting with deep, tangy sweetness.
  • Lemons: Zesty and versatile, perfect for both sweet and savoury dishes.
  • Mandarins: Easy to peel, these little gems are a delightful snack.

February: Wild Asparagus and Citrus

  • Wild Asparagus: A delicacy, these slender shoots add a unique flavour to dishes.
  • Lemons: Still in abundance, continuing to brighten up winter recipes.

March: Artichokes and Fresh Greens

  • Artichokes: Tender and earthy, a Mediterranean favourite.
  • Radishes: Crisp and peppery, a delightful addition to salads.
  • Wild Asparagus: Continues to grace the markets, offering a taste of spring.

April: Spring in Full Swing

  • Artichokes: Still thriving, perfect for experimenting with new recipes.
  • Broccoli: Nutritious and versatile, ideal for soups and stir-fries.
  • Radishes: Continue to add crunch to your salads.
  • Strawberries: Sweet, juicy, and a sign that summer is on its way.
  • Zucchini: Fresh and tender, great for grilling or sautéing.

May: Abundance of Fresh Greens and Berries

  • Artichokes: Ideal for salads and light summer appetisers.
  • Broccoli: Still going strong, offering a nutritional boost.
  • Green Beans: Crisp and delicious, perfect for summer sides.
  • Radishes: Add a pop of colour to your dishes.
  • Strawberries: Their sweetness peaks, making them perfect for desserts.

June: Summer’s Bounty Arrives

  • Berries: A medley of raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries.
  • Carrots: Sweet and vibrant, great for salads and snacking.
  • Cherries: Juicy and irresistible, a true taste of summer.
  • Cucumbers: Refreshing and hydrating, a staple in summer salads.
  • Eggplants: Begin to appear, offering a meaty texture for various dishes.
  • Green Beans: Continue to flourish, providing a crisp bite.

July: Summer’s Symphony of Flavours

  • Berries: Still abundant, making refreshing desserts and jams.
  • Carrots: Continue to be sweet and crunchy, perfect for snacking.
  • Cherries: Reach their peak, inviting indulgence in their succulent sweetness.
  • Corn: Fresh, sweet, and perfect for barbecues and picnics.
  • Cucumbers: Remain crisp, enhancing summer salads.
  • Eggplants: Widely available, offering a meaty texture for grilling and roasting.
  • Peaches: Juicy and fragrant, embodying the essence of summer.
  • Plums: Begin to appear, signalling the start of the stone fruit season.
  • Watermelon: Cool and hydrating, a quintessential summer treat.

August: Summer’s Farewell

  • Carrots: Still vibrant, lending their sweetness to various dishes.
  • Corn: Continues to be a barbecue favourite, perfect with a touch of butter.
  • Eggplants: Abundant, ideal for Mediterranean-style dishes.
  • Grapes: Begin to ripen, promising the upcoming wine season.
  • Watermelon: Sweet and refreshing, a staple for hot August days.

September: Autumn’s Arrival

  • Apples: Crisp and varied, from sweet to tart, perfect for pies and snacking.
  • Chard: Leafy and nutritious, a versatile green for soups and stir-fries.
  • Cabbage: Fresh and crunchy, great for coleslaws and stews.
  • Chestnuts: A seasonal delight, ideal for roasting on open fires.
  • Grapes: Reach their peak, ready for harvest and winemaking.
  • Mandarin Oranges: Begin to appear, bringing a burst of citrus sweetness.
  • Squashes: Various types emerge, perfect for hearty autumn soups.

October: Autumn’s Harvest Continues

  • Apples: Still plentiful, suitable for both sweet and savoury dishes.
  • Chard: Continues to thrive, offering a healthy addition to meals.
  • Cabbage: Perfect for hearty, warming soups as the weather cools.
  • Chestnuts: Abundant, adding a nutty richness to autumn recipes.
  • Mandarin Oranges: At their best, they make delightful snacks and desserts.
  • Mushrooms: Wild varieties appear, enhancing the culinary scene.
  • Olives: Begin the season, setting the stage for olive oil production.
  • Pomegranate: Bursting with juicy, tangy seeds, ideal for salads and sauces.
  • Squashes: Still available, making comforting soups and casseroles.

November: Autumn’s Final Offerings

  • Apples: Remain crisp, a popular ingredient in warming pies and desserts.
  • Chard: Continues to thrive, adding vibrant colours to autumn meals.
  • Mandarin Oranges: Still available, bringing a burst of citrus to winter days.
  • Pomegranate: Continues to be in season, its seeds are perfect for garnishes.
  • Squashes: Abundant, a staple for hearty stews and roasts.

December: Winter Greens and Citrus

  • Chard: Fresh and robust, a healthy addition to winter meals.
  • Mandarin Oranges: Peak season, providing a taste of brightness in winter.
  • Olives: Continue to be harvested, essential for Croatian olive oil production.
  • Squashes: Still available, lending their sweetness to festive dishes.

Navigating the seasons at Croatian markets ensures that every dish you prepare is infused with the freshness and authenticity of locally sourced produce, offering a true taste of the country’s culinary heritage.

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