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Museum of Fine Art Split

Unveiling the Splendid Museum of Fine Art Split

Step into a Time Capsule of Art

Edo Murtić Sky over New York
Edo Murtić Sky over New York, 1952 oil on canvas

Museum of Fine Art Split. Embark on a captivating journey through the corridors of time at the Museum of Fine Art Split, a cultural gem that first opened its doors in 1931. Housing a treasure trove of over 5,200 works, this venerable institution encapsulates the evolution of artistic expression from the 14th century to the vibrant contemporary art scene.

Upon our visit to the Museum, the day unfolded with a noticeable scarcity of cruise ships, rendering an unusual serenity to the Museum. Within its walls, a tranquil ambience prevailed. The admission fee, a nominal sum of five Euros, granted access to the Museum and another five Euros for its temporary exhibition. This proved to be a commendable investment. We were justly compensated by the wealth of cultural and artistic treasures that awaited exploration within. The understated elegance of the Museum, coupled with the intellectual richness of the temporary exhibition, substantiated the expenditure, ensuring a refined and enlightening experience.

Echoes of History in 2,200 m2

A Walk Through Artistic Evolution Museum of Fine Art Split

Museum of Fine Arts in Split
Museum of Fine Arts in Split

As you wander through the 2,200 m2 of exhibition space, you’ll be transported through the annals of history, witnessing the dynamic interplay of styles, themes, and mediums. The collection mirrors the discerning tastes and cultural nuances of the diverse rulers who have left their mark on this region – from the Venetian Republic to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and from the kingdom and socialist Yugoslavia to the present-day Republic of Croatia.

First Floor Odyssey

A Time-Travel Portal Museum of Fine Art Split

MATO CELESTIN MEDOVIĆ (1857 -1920) The Pelješac-Korčula Channel, 1908 -1912

The first floor serves as a time-travelling portal curated by the visionary Božo Majstorović, museum advisor extraordinaire. Here, a dazzling array of 400 artworks unfolds, spanning centuries and showcasing the mesmerising journey from medieval painting to the avant-garde allure of abstract modern art, all within the same space.

Ground Floor Revelations

Journey into Contemporary Art Museum of Fine Art Split

Igor Eškinja
Waiting Room, 2006
Igor Eškinja Waiting Room, 2006

Venture down to the ground floor, where the dynamic duo of senior curator Jasminka Babić and curator Marija Stipišić Vuković beckon you into the vibrant world of Croatian and local contemporary art. From the swinging ’60s to the pulsating beats of today, the display reflects the kaleidoscopic tapestry of multidisciplinary and multimedia art practices, providing an immersive and unforgettable experience.

Capturing Cosiness Museum of Fine Art Split

The Divan by Vlaho Bukovac

The divan or Reading time ~ Vlaho Bukovac (Croatia, 1855-1922)
The divan or Reading time ~ Vlaho Bukovac (Croatia, 1855-1922)

Step into the inviting world of Vlaho Bukovac, a Croatian maestro born in 1855, whose brushstrokes delicately craft the essence of leisure in his masterpiece, ‘The Divan.’ In this artwork, Bukovac, known for his prowess in capturing emotion, paints a scene that transcends time. ‘The Divan’ beckons viewers into a realm of relaxation and contemplation, embodying the comforting embrace of a moment dedicated to reading.

Journey into Bukovac’s Croatia: 1855-1922

As we explore this piece, we delve into the historical backdrop of Croatia during Bukovac’s life. Witnessing the interplay of cultural nuances that may have influenced his portrayal of leisurely moments on the divan. Bukovac’s use of colour and light creates a symphony that resonates with the tranquillity of reading time. From the warm hues that envelop the divan to the subtle play of shadows, each stroke invites you to experience the quiet joy found in the simple act of reading.

The Artistic Legacy Lives On

Vlaho Bukovac may have left this world in 1922, but ‘The Divan’ stands as a testament to his enduring legacy. Join us as we unravel the layers of this masterpiece, celebrating the timeless allure of a quiet reading nook immortalized on canvas by a Croatian virtuoso.

Days out and Day Trips in Split Museum of Fine Art Split

Heart of Split

Where Art and History Converge

Table and Tom Cat, 1963
ANTUN MASLE Table and Tom Cat, 1963

In the heart of Split, the Museum of Fine Arts beckons, offering not just a collection of masterpieces but a portal to the soul-stirring evolution of artistic creativity. Embark on this unmissable odyssey through time and witness the magic of human expression unfold before your eyes.

Antun Masle’s “Table and Tom Cat, 1963” transports you to a whimsical world where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. The artist’s keen eye for detail captures the essence of a bygone era. As the table and tomcat take centre stage in a dance of nostalgia. The meticulous strokes bring life to the inanimate, creating a visual feast that beckons readers to explore the charm of simplicity. Masle’s masterpiece invites you to ponder the stories that unfolded around that table. Accompanied by the mischievous antics of the tomcat. It’s a delightful journey through time, where art intertwines with everyday moments. Each stroke seems to whisper tales of laughter and camaraderie.

Location Museum of Fine Arts in Split

Opening Hours. Ensure you plan your visit during the museum’s opening hours to make the most of your experience while in Split. Monday Closed, Tuesday to Friday 09.00 Till 1800 Saturday Sunday 10.00 Till 14.00

Guided Tours. Opt for a guided tour to gain insights into the stories behind the artworks, enhancing your appreciation of the exhibits. Website

Café Culture. Conclude your visit with a relaxing moment at the museum’s café. Where you can reflect on the artistic wonders you’ve encountered.

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