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El Campello Alicante Spain European Trip

A Perfect Coastal Getaway in Alicante, Spain

Discovering the Allure of El Campello

Discovering the Allure of El Campello

El Campello, located in the province of Alicante, Spain, is a charming coastal town that offers an incredible tourist experience. Situated along the Costa Blanca, El Campello boasts beautiful beaches, a rich cultural heritage, and a vibrant atmosphere. Whether you’re seeking relaxation on the shores, exploring historical sites, or indulging in delicious cuisine. El Campello has something for everyone.

One of the main attractions in El Campello is its stunning beaches. With over 23 kilometres of coastline, visitors can enjoy a variety of sandy stretches. This includes secluded coves to spacious family-friendly beaches. The popular Playa de Muchavista is known for its golden sands and crystal-clear waters. It is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports. If you prefer a quieter atmosphere, Playa de Carrer La Mar offers a tranquil setting with picturesque views.

El Campello is also home to several historical landmarks that showcase its rich cultural heritage. The Torre de la Illeta, is a 16th-century watchtower. Which stands as a testament to the town’s history and offers panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. The archaeological site of the Illeta dels Banyets, an ancient Iberian settlement, provides a glimpse into El Campello’s past. Additionally, the Church of Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus and the Town Hall Square are worth visiting for their architectural beauty.

Seeking outdoor adventures

Discovering  El Campello
Discovering El Campello

For those seeking outdoor adventures, El Campello offers a range of activities. The town is surrounded by natural beauty, including the Sierra de Aitana mountain range. Also on offer is the nearby Serra Gelada Natural Park. Hiking enthusiasts can explore the various trails and enjoy breathtaking views of the coastline. Water sports such as sailing, windsurfing, and diving are also popular options, with numerous rental facilities available.

Food lovers will delight in the gastronomic offerings of El Campello. The town boasts a vibrant culinary scene with a wide array of restaurants, tapas bars, and seafood establishments. Don’t miss the opportunity to try local dishes such as paella, fresh seafood, and traditional Spanish tapas. The local markets, like the Mercado Central, offer a chance to sample and purchase fresh produce. This includes local wines and other regional products.

Throughout the year, El Campello hosts various cultural events and festivals that showcase its traditions and heritage. The Moors and Christians festival, held in October, is a vibrant celebration featuring colourful parades, music, and fireworks. The summer months bring lively open-air concerts, theatre performances, and art exhibitions, providing entertainment for visitors of all ages.

Stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea

In terms of accommodations, El Campello offers a range of options, including hotels, apartments, and holiday rentals. Many establishments provide stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, ensuring a memorable stay. The town’s excellent transportation links, including a tram service that connects to nearby cities like Alicante and Benidorm. This makes it convenient to explore the region.

El Campello in Alicante, Spain, truly offers a complete tourist experience. With its beautiful beaches, rich history, outdoor activities, culinary delights, and vibrant cultural scene. El Campello is a destination that captures the hearts of visitors. Whether you’re looking to relax by the sea, immerse yourself in local culture, or embark on exciting adventures. El Campello is a perfect choice for your next vacation.

Area 7 Campsite and Motorhome Park

A Coastal Haven for Outdoor Enthusiasts in El Campello, Alicante

Camper area 7 alicante

We loved this campsite and will go back. The staff are super friendly, the site is clean and the showers are hot. It also has the added bonus of the Tram that runs to a lot of places nearby.

The Campsite Area 7 in El Campello, Alicante, Spain is a fantastic destination for camping enthusiasts seeking an outdoor adventure. Situated in a picturesque coastal setting. Nestled amidst the natural beauty of the region. This campsite offers a range of amenities and activities to ensure a memorable camping experience.

Set in close proximity to the beach, Campsite Area 7 allows visitors to enjoy the best of both worlds. The tranquillity of nature and the refreshing coastal ambience. The campsite provides spacious and well-maintained pitches for tents, caravans, and motorhomes. Ensuring a comfortable stay for campers of all kinds. With a variety of shaded and sunny spots available, guests can choose their preferred setting based on their preferences.

Offering excellent facilities

Area 7 Alicante
Area 7 Alicante

The campsite offers excellent facilities to cater to the needs of campers. Modern sanitary blocks with clean toilets, showers, and washing areas are conveniently located throughout the site. Providing essential amenities for a comfortable stay. Additionally, the campsite provides laundry facilities, ensuring that campers can take care of their essential chores.

Nature lovers will appreciate the campsite’s proximity to the stunning coastline and natural surroundings. Within a short distance, campers can access beautiful beaches. Where they can sunbathe, swim, or engage in water sports such as snorkelling and kayaking. The nearby Sierra de Aitana mountain range offers hiking trails. That’s for those looking to explore the region’s scenic landscapes and enjoy breathtaking views.

The campsite’s location in El Campello provides easy access to the town’s amenities and attractions. Visitors can explore the charming streets, visit historical landmarks, and enjoy the vibrant local culture. The town offers a range of restaurants, bars, and shops, providing ample opportunities for dining, entertainment, and souvenir shopping.

Whether you’re a nature lover, a beach enthusiast, or simply seeking a peaceful camping experience. Campsite Area 7 in El Campello, Alicante, Spain offers a delightful retreat. With its beautiful surroundings, well-appointed facilities, and convenient location. It is an ideal destination for camping enthusiasts looking to create lasting memories in a stunning coastal setting.

The Beach El Campello

A Tranquil Paradise on the Costa Blanca

The Beach El Campello
The Beach El Campello

The Beach El Campello is situated along the stunning Costa Blanca in Spain. It is a true gem that attracts beach lovers from around the world. With its pristine shores, crystal-clear waters, and scenic surroundings. This coastal paradise offers a perfect retreat for relaxation, water activities, and sun-soaked enjoyment.

Stretching over several kilometres, the Beach El Campello is known for its fine golden sand, which provides a comfortable spot for sunbathing and leisurely strolls along the water’s edge. The beach is meticulously maintained, ensuring cleanliness and a pleasant environment for visitors to unwind and soak up the Mediterranean sun.

The calm and gentle waters of El Campello Beach make it ideal for swimming and water activities. Whether you prefer a refreshing dip in the sea, leisurely floating on inflatable rafts, or venturing further out for snorkelling adventures, the beach offers opportunities for both experienced swimmers and those seeking a gentle introduction to the water.

Water sports enthusiasts will also find plenty of options to indulge their adventurous side. El Campello Beach offers facilities for paddle boarding, kayaking, and jet skiing, allowing visitors to explore the coastline and experience the thrill of gliding across the waves. For those who prefer a more relaxed activity, sailing and catamaran excursions are available for leisurely cruises along the picturesque coast.

El Campello Beach

El Campello Beach
El Campello Beach

The Beach El Campello is well-equipped with amenities to enhance visitors’ comfort and convenience. Showers and public restrooms are readily available, ensuring a refreshing rinse after a day spent in the sun and sand. Additionally, the beach offers accessible entry points and services for people with disabilities, ensuring inclusivity for all beachgoers.

Along the beachfront promenade, lined with palm trees and vibrant flowers, visitors can find an array of beachside cafes, bars, and restaurants. These establishments offer a variety of culinary delights, including fresh seafood, traditional Spanish tapas, and refreshing beverages. Whether you’re in the mood for a casual beachside snack or a leisurely meal with a view, the beachfront promenade has options to satisfy every craving.

Platja de gossos del Campello Punta del Riu
Platja de gossos del Campello Punta del Riu

The charm of El Campello Beach extends beyond its natural beauty. The beach is conveniently located near the town centre, allowing visitors to explore the vibrant streets, browse local shops, and immerse themselves in the welcoming atmosphere of El Campello. The town’s delightful mix of traditional Spanish culture and modern amenities adds an extra layer of charm to the beach experience.

Whether you’re seeking relaxation, water activities, or simply a tranquil escape, the Beach El Campello offers an idyllic coastal haven. With its pristine sands, inviting waters, and picturesque surroundings, this beach on the Costa Blanca promises an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.

Club Náutico de Campello (Campello Yacht Club)

Club Náutico de Campello
Club Náutico de Campello

Campello Yacht Club is a prestigious sailing club located in El Campello, a coastal town in the province of Alicante, Spain. Established in 1977, the club has a rich history and a strong reputation in the sailing community.

The Campello Yacht Club offers a wide range of facilities and services to its members and sailing enthusiasts. The club’s marina provides berths for boats of various sizes, allowing boat owners to moor their vessels securely. The marina is well-maintained and equipped with modern amenities, ensuring the comfort and safety of its members.

Sailing is at the heart of the Campello Yacht Club, and it promotes and supports various sailing activities and events. The club organizes regattas, both local and regional, providing opportunities for sailors to compete and showcase their skills. These events often attract participants from different parts of the country and even international sailors.

Sailing Course Campello Yacht Club

The club also offers sailing courses and training programs for members of all ages and skill levels. From beginners who want to learn the basics of sailing to advanced sailors looking to enhance their racing techniques, the Campello Yacht Club provides professional instruction and guidance. These courses are conducted by experienced instructors who are passionate about sailing and dedicated to nurturing the next generation of sailors.

In addition to sailing, the Campello Yacht Club has a vibrant social scene. The club organizes social events and gatherings, fostering a sense of camaraderie among its members. These events include gala dinners, themed parties, and celebrations of major sailing achievements. The club’s restaurant and bar offer a relaxed atmosphere where members can enjoy delicious meals and refreshing drinks while overlooking the picturesque marina.

The Campello Yacht Club is more than just a sailing club; it is a community of individuals who share a love for the sea and a passion for sailing. It provides a platform for like-minded people to come together, learn, compete, and create lasting memories. Whether you are a seasoned sailor or someone interested in exploring the world of sailing, the Campello Yacht Club offers an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in this exciting and rewarding sport.

Illeta dels Banyets

Illeta dels Banyets in El Campello
Illeta dels Banyets in El Campello

The Illeta dels Banyets, also known as Illeta dels Banyets de la Reina or simply Illeta, is a small peninsula located in El Campello, a coastal town in the province of Alicante, Spain. It is a place of historical and archaeological significance and is known for its picturesque beauty.

Illeta dels Banyets is characterized by its rocky landscape and its strategic location jutting out into the Mediterranean Sea. The peninsula is accessible by a narrow strip of land that connects it to the mainland, creating a unique and isolated environment. Its natural beauty and tranquil surroundings make it a popular destination for visitors and locals alike.

One of the main attractions of Illeta dels Banyets is its archaeological site, which dates back to ancient times. The site contains the remains of a Roman fish salting factory, a testament to the area’s historical importance in maritime trade. Visitors can explore the ruins and learn about the ancient methods of preserving fish that were used in the past. The site also includes a watchtower, known as Torre de Illeta, which served as a defensive structure during different periods of history.

Crystal-clear waters

Platja dels Banyets de la Reina
Platja dels Banyets de la Reina

Illeta dels Banyets is not only a site of historical interest but also a great spot for outdoor activities. The crystal-clear waters surrounding the peninsula make it an ideal place for snorkelling and diving, allowing visitors to discover the underwater world teeming with marine life. The rocky formations along the coast create secluded coves and small beaches, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and picnicking.

The natural environment of Illeta dels Banyets is carefully preserved and protected. It is part of a natural park and offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and the coastline. The rocky cliffs and rugged terrain provide a peaceful and scenic backdrop, making it a popular spot for nature lovers and photographers.

Visitors to Illeta dels Banyets can enjoy a leisurely walk along the coastal path, taking in the breathtaking views and immersing themselves in the tranquillity of the surroundings. There are also picnic areas and benches where visitors can relax and enjoy the serenity of the place.

In summary, Illeta dels Banyets is a captivating destination that combines history, archaeology, and natural beauty. Whether you are interested in exploring ancient ruins, enjoying outdoor activities, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat by the sea, Illeta dels Banyets offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

Torre de La Illeta

Torre de La Illeta
Torre de La Illeta

The Torre de la Illeta, also known as Torre de Illeta, is a historic watchtower located on the Illeta dels Banyets peninsula in El Campello. A coastal town in the province of Alicante, Spain. It is a prominent landmark that stands as a testament to the region’s rich history and strategic significance.

The tower dates back to the 16th century. It was built as part of a network of coastal watchtowers along the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Its primary purpose was to serve as a defensive structure, providing surveillance and protection against potential pirate attacks and naval invasions.

Torre de la Illeta is a cylindrical tower made of stone and mortar. Standing at a height of approximately 14 meters. Its location on the Illeta dels Banyets peninsula offers a commanding view of the surrounding sea and coastline. This allows the tower’s occupants to detect approaching ships and raise the alarm if necessary.

The architecture of Torre de la Illeta is simple yet sturdy, showcasing the military design principles of the time. The lower part of the tower consists of thick walls with narrow arrow slits. This allowed defenders to observe and fire upon any threats. The upper part of the tower features a terrace where cannons were once stationed, further enhancing its defensive capabilities.

It was used as a signalling post

Over the centuries, Torre de la Illeta has witnessed various historical events and undergone several modifications. It played a role in the conflicts between Christian and Muslim kingdoms during the Reconquista period. In later years, it was used as a signalling post and as a refuge for fishermen during storms.

Today, Torre de la Illeta stands as a well-preserved monument, attracting visitors who are interested in exploring its historical significance. The tower has been declared a Cultural Heritage Site and is open to the public. Visitors can climb the steps to reach the top and enjoy panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding coastline.

In addition to its historical and architectural value, Torre de la Illeta is set amidst a beautiful natural landscape. The rugged cliffs, clear turquoise waters, and picturesque surroundings make it a popular spot for photography and nature enthusiasts.

Torre de la Illeta, with its fascinating history and stunning location. It is a must-visit destination for those interested in the region’s maritime past and architectural heritage. It serves as a reminder of the strategic importance of coastal defences and stands as a symbol of El Campello’s historical identity.

Exploring the Costa Blanca by Tram

Must-Visit Destinations from El Campello

The tram system in El Campello provides convenient access to various nearby destinations along the Costa Blanca. Here are some popular places you can visit by tram from El Campello:

Alicante: Just a short tram ride away, Alicante is a vibrant city with a rich history and stunning beaches. Explore the historic Santa Barbara Castle, stroll along the picturesque Explanada de España promenade, and indulge in the city’s delicious cuisine.

Benidorm: Known for its lively nightlife, beautiful beaches, and towering skyscrapers, Benidorm is a popular tourist destination. Enjoy the thrilling rides at Terra Mitica theme park, visit the marine animals at Mundomar, or relax on the sandy shores of Playa de Levante or Playa de Poniente.

Villajoyosa: This charming coastal town is famous for its colourful houses along the waterfront. Visit the Valor Chocolate Factory, take a stroll through the old town, and soak up the sun on its lovely beaches.

And a few more

Altea: With its picturesque old town and breathtaking views, Altea is a must-visit destination. Explore the narrow cobblestone streets, visit the beautiful Church of Nuestra Señora del Consuelo, and enjoy panoramic vistas from the Mirador de Altea viewpoint.

Denia: Located towards the northern end of the Costa Blanca, Denia is a charming town with a historic castle and a bustling marina. Explore its lively streets, relax on the sandy beaches, or take a ferry to visit the Balearic Islands.

Campello Beaches: If you’re looking for more beach options, you can simply hop on the tram and explore the various beaches along the coastline. From San Juan Beach with its golden sands to Muchavista Beach with its wide shoreline, there are plenty of options to choose from.

The tram system in El Campello offers a convenient and efficient way to explore the surrounding areas, allowing visitors to enjoy the diverse attractions and destinations along the Costa Blanca.

Smooth Arrival from Alicante Airport

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The Alicante Tram

The Alicante tram
Alicante tram

The Alicante Tram, also known as the Tram Metropolitano de Alicante, is a light rail system. It serves the city of Alicante and its surrounding metropolitan area in Spain. The tram network provides an efficient and convenient mode of transportation for residents and visitors. It connects various neighbourhoods, suburbs, and important destinations within the region.

The system was inaugurated in 2003 and has since become an integral part of the city’s public transportation network. It was designed to alleviate traffic congestion, promote sustainable mobility, and improve accessibility throughout the urban area. The trams are operated by Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV), the regional government’s public transport company.

The network consists of several lines that extend from Alicante city centre to neighbouring towns and coastal areas. The primary line, Line 1, runs from Alicante Luceros station to Benidorm, a popular tourist destination. Along the way, it stops at key locations such as El Campello, Villajoyosa, and Altea. The tram system also includes Line 2. This line branches off from the main line at El Campello and goes to Sant Vicent del Raspeig.

Modern and comfortable

One of the notable features of the Alicante tram is its modern and comfortable rolling stock. The trams are low-floor vehicles, making them easily accessible for passengers with mobility challenges. Also parents with strollers, and travellers with heavy luggage. They are equipped with air conditioning, spacious seating, and ample standing room. This ensures a pleasant journey for commuters and tourists alike.

The Alicante tram system operates on a frequent schedule. Trams arrive at stations approximately every 15 minutes during peak hours and every 30 minutes during off-peak times. This regularity makes it convenient for passengers to plan their journeys and reduces waiting times. The system operates from early morning until midnight, allowing for flexible travel options throughout the day.

The Tram fare system

The tram system operates on a fare-based system that is designed to provide affordable and flexible options for passengers. The tariff for using the Alicante tram is determined by several factors. This includes the distance travelled, the type of ticket, and the passenger’s age or eligibility for discounts.

Here are some key aspects of the Alicante tram tariff. Prices vary from 1.45€ for single tickets for one zone to 3,90€ for single tickets for the 3 zones. The equivalent of 0,76€ to 1.90€ when using the most affordable travel cards.

  1. Zones: The tram network is divided into different zones based on the distance from the city centre. The fare is calculated based on the number of zones you cross during your journey.
  2. Single Tickets: For occasional travellers, single tickets can be purchased at the ticket machines located at tram stations. The price of a single ticket varies depending on the number of zones travelled.
  3. Integrated Tickets: The Alicante tram system is integrated with other modes of public transportation, such as buses and trains. Integrated tickets allow passengers to use multiple modes of transport within a specified time period without incurring additional charges.
  4. Bonobús Card: The Bonobús card is a rechargeable card that offers discounted fares for regular users of the Alicante tram. The card can be loaded with multiple journeys or a specific amount of credit. Thus providing cost savings compared to purchasing single tickets.
  5. Discounts: Various discounts are available for certain groups, such as students, seniors, and people with disabilities. These discounts are typically applied to both single tickets and Bonobús card fares, offering reduced prices for eligible passengers.

Official website

It’s important to note that specific fare details, including prices and ticket options, may be subject to change over time. It is advisable to check the official website of the Alicante tram. You could also consult the ticketing information provided at tram stations for the most up-to-date tariff information. Overall, the Alicante tram tariff aims to provide affordable and accessible transportation options for passengers. This encourages the use of public transport and contributes to sustainable mobility in the region.

Supermarkets near El Campello Alicante

A Shopper’s Paradise: Supermarkets in El Campello, Alicante, Spain

El Campello in Alicante, Spain, offers a range of supermarkets that cater to the shopping needs of both residents and visitors. Whether you’re looking to stock up on groceries, purchase local products, or find essentials for your stay, the supermarkets in El Campello have you covered. If you are staying at Area 7 then the closest Supermarket is Mercadona about 15 minutes walk. It is in a small shopping area with a few restaurants and a pub and a few other shops.

Mercadona El Campello Alicante

As one of the largest supermarket chains in Spain, Mercadona is a go-to destination for all your grocery needs. Located conveniently throughout El Campello, Mercadona offers a wide variety of fresh produce, meats, dairy products, bakery items, and household essentials. You’ll also find a diverse range of national and international brands, making it easy to find everything on your shopping list.

Consum El Campello Alicante

Another popular supermarket chain in El Campello is Consum. With a focus on quality products and competitive prices, Consum provides a pleasant shopping experience. The supermarket offers a well-stocked selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, dairy products, and pantry staples. Additionally, you’ll find a range of household items, cleaning products, and personal care products.

Lidl El Campello Alicante

Known for its budget-friendly prices and wide selection of products. Lidl is a supermarket that attracts many shoppers in El Campello. From fresh produce and bakery items to packaged goods and speciality items. Lidl offers a diverse range of products at affordable prices. It’s a great option for those looking to save money without compromising on quality.


Masymas is a local supermarket chain that provides a range of products to meet your daily needs. With multiple locations in El Campello, Masymas offers a variety of fresh produce, meats, seafood, and baked goods. The supermarket also stocks a selection of regional products, allowing you to discover and savour the flavours of the local cuisine.

Carrefour Express

Carrefour Express is a smaller-scale supermarket that offers convenience and a well-curated selection of groceries. It’s a great option for quick shopping trips or when you need to pick up a few items on the go. Carrefour Express provides a range of products including fresh produce, packaged goods, beverages, and household items.

These supermarkets in El Campello provide a range of options to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether you’re a self-catering visitor or a local resident, you’ll find everything you need to stock your pantry, prepare meals, and enjoy a comfortable stay in El Campello.

Accommodation El Campello

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