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Unveiling the SMART Tag

Discover the Future of Travel with Retreev

Retreev Smart Tag
Retreev Smart Tag

Revolutionising Your Travels

Hello, fellow travellers are you ready for a game-changer in your globetrotting adventures? Meet the Retreev SMART Tag – your new best travel companion! I have just purchased a tag to use on a rucksack. It is such an easy idea to keep track of important items when travelling. The setup is really easy, I was up and running in no time at all. Should My bag go missing, It will allow anyone to help get it back to Me swiftly and securely. I have explained a few more things about the tag below in a bit more detail.

Secure Your Bags Today with a Retreev SMART Tag 20% off Retreev tags Use Code: TRAVEL20 at Checkout

Why choose this Tag?

Easy Setup

  1. Activate your tag by tapping the tag with your phone, scanning the QR code or entering the unique ID found on the tag on the app
  2. Complete your contact details online.
  3. Your tag is now activated.

Return a lost bag

  1. Finder taps the tag, scans the QR code or enters the unique ID into using their phone
  2. Finder fills in the simple form and submits it.
  3. The owner receives text and email with finder details and contacts the person to arrange the safe return of your lost bag.
  4. Say Goodbye to Lost Bags with Retreev SMART Tags

Join the SMART Travel Revolution!

Smart tag
Retreeve Smart tag

Should your bag go missing, the Retreev SMART tag will allow anyone to help get it back to you swiftly and securely. Each Retreev SMART tag has an NFC chip, QR code and a Unique ID making it easy for anyone to help return your lost bag. Retreev protects your identity Identity theft is rising, and old baggage tags have your name, contact details and home address written in plain sight!

We have One to give away this month. The Retail Price is £14.99. If you would like to buy one we have a code for 20% off Retreev tags Use Code: TRAVEL20 at Checkout. Use this website link to buy one

Remember, the key to unforgettable journeys starts with a SMART decision – choose Retreev!

Safe travels and happy exploring!

Eco-Friendly, Up-Cycled SMART Bag Tags by Retreev 20% off Retreev tags Use Code: TRAVEL20 at Checkout

Win a Retreeve SMART Tag on this website. Just follow this link to our Competition page to Win. We have One per month to give away. Entries from mainland UK residents only (because, of postal charges)

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