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90 Day Campervan European Trip France Part One

A 90-Day Campervan Adventure Part One – England, France, Spain

Through France, Spain and Portugal, The Best of Europe in Three Months

Get ready for the ultimate 90-day thrill as we journey through the heart of France, the soul of Spain, and the coastal charm of Portugal! From Bordeaux’s vineyards to Salou’s Flamenco beats and Lisbon’s azure-adorned alleys, join us in uncovering the hidden gems of these mesmerising destinations. Fasten your seatbelts for a ride through history, culture, and culinary delights! Stay tuned for an unforgettable adventure! This is a blog about our travels through Europe in 2023. A total of 90 Days from England and back again Travelling through Europe in our Campervan.

From Folkestone to Beziers Traversing Picturesque Landscapes

90 Day Campervan Trip Part One France. Embarking on a scenic journey from the charming coastal town of Folkestone in England to the sun-kissed beauty of Beziers in France, our route unfolds like a tapestry of picturesque landscapes and cultural treasures. Starting in Folkestone, where the iconic White Cliffs meet the azure waters of the English Channel, our adventure commences with a sense of coastal wonder. As we cross the English Channel and venture into France, our path leads us to Vierzon, a town renowned for its historic bridges and lush greenery, setting the stage for our French exploration. Further south, Issoire awaits, nestled amidst the rolling hills of the Auvergne region, inviting us to discover its medieval charm and architectural splendour.

Amidst Vineyards and Viaducts to Beziers

Continuing our journey, we meander through the captivating landscapes of Millau, where the world-famous Millau Viaduct gracefully spans the Tarn Valley, an engineering marvel amidst nature’s grandeur. The journey reaches its zenith in Beziers, a city that boasts a rich history, splendid vineyards, and the enchanting Canal du Midi. From the historic heart of the town to the vineyard-covered hillsides, Beziers offers a delightful blend of heritage and natural beauty. Stay tuned as we unravel the intricacies of each destination, immersing ourselves in their unique stories, and uncovering the hidden gems that make this journey from Folkestone to Beziers an unforgettable adventure through the heart of Europe. Read our 90 Day Campervan Trip Part One France

90 Day campervan Trip Part One France

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Folkestone to Calais

Eurotunnel train Folkestone Calais
Eurotunnel train Folkestone Calais

The Eurotunnel Le Shuttle runs solely between Folkestone and Calais. The Eurotunnel Le Shuttle is a railway service that operates between Folkestone in the south of England and Calais in northern France. It is the fastest and most convenient way to cross the English Channel by car. The journey takes just 35 minutes. We travelled on an early train on a Sunday in February, departing 07:20 (Arriving 08:55, France was 1 hour ahead.) The ticket price was £116.00 for a small campervan. We did not want to take the boat (Newhaven to Dieppe.) The winter crossing may have been a bit rough.

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Vierzon France European Trip

Campanile Vierzon
Campanile Vierzon France European Trip

Our Vierzon France European Trip. The town of Vierzon is a commune located in the department of Cher in central France. This was our first stop in France, It had been a long drive, about 5 hours. The day had been a long one, we had stopped off to do some shopping and then to make some lunch (Salad and Frittata). We had little time to explore, just a quick walk to Town and back. Being a Sunday too, everything was closed.

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Viaduc de Garabit France European Trip

The Viaduc de Garabit 90 Day Campervan Trip Part One France
The Viaduc de Garabit with snow

Viaduc de Garabit France European Trip and a visit to the Viaduc de Garabit. We woke up this morning at our hotel in Vierzon and discovered it was -2 degrees. Before breakfast, I went to defrost the Campervan. It was frozen, so I decided to turn the heater on. Breakfast was calling so I returned to our room for warmth and food. I just had cereal and coffee. I left the van for about 30 minutes, then went back to the warm cosy interior of a newly defrosted van. Although warm inside the engine was cold, and it took several attempts to start.

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Issoire France European Visit

The Abbatiale Saint Austremoine 90 Day Campervan Trip Part One France
The Abbatiale Saint Austremoine

Issoire France European Visit, Issoire is a picturesque town located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of France. We stopped off here on our way to Millau. There is a free car park just a few minute’s walk away from the church. Being a Monday most shops were closed. This did not bother us as we wanted to see the Abbatiale Saint Austremoine.

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Millau France European Trip

90 Day Campervan Trip Part One France
Millavois Painters and Sculptors Association Millau

Our Millau France European Trip. Millau is a picturesque town located in southern France in the Aveyron region, known for its beautiful landscape, rich history, and charming culture. There are many things to do and see in Millau, making it a perfect destination for tourists of all ages and interests.

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Viaduc de Millau France

Millau-Viaduct- 90 Day Campervan Trip Part One France
Millau Viaduct

Viaduc de Millau France. The Viaduc de Millau is located in southern France and is one of the most impressive and iconic structures in the world. It is a cable-stayed bridge that spans the Tarn River valley, connecting the towns of Millau and Creissels. The Viaduc de Millau was opened in 2004 and is considered a masterpiece of modern engineering.

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Beziers France European Trip

Pont VieuxBeziers France European Trip 90 Day Campervan Trip Part One France
Entrance to the city of Béziers via Pont Vieux

Beziers France European Trip. Beziers is a beautiful town in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of southern France, located near the Mediterranean coast. It is known for its rich history, charming architecture, and cultural attractions. We decided to pay a visit on our way to Roses in Girona. I managed to find a free car park on the south side. This to my surprise was a bonus, as it was the new car park. It was also the new entrance to the City Centre.

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England to France and on To Spain Map

The Map is just for illustration, the route is correct but not all day trips and days out while at Campsites are added. French Tourist Website

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