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National Trust Hinton Ampner

Magical Moments at Hinton Ampner National Trust

A Neverland Christmas Adventure!

Hinton Ampner Christmas
National Trust Hinton Ampner Christmas Trees

Our latest escapade this week led us to the enchanting Hinton Ampner National Trust Property, nestled near New Alresford. What awaited us was nothing short of a festive spectacle, as the house played host to a captivating Christmas exhibition, presented in collaboration with the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

We parked the car in one of the many spaces available. After checking in we stepped into the vibrant shop, We were greeted by an abundance of festive cheer and fellow excited customers. The anticipation grew as our house tour, scheduled for 1:00 pm, approached. A mere hour promised to unveil a mesmerising display of adorned trees and twinkling lights, making it a magical experience to remember.

Themed around the magical realm of Neverland, we found ourselves journeying alongside Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. As we strolled through the House, we encountered glimpses of London, faced off with pirates, and even had a close encounter with a ticking crocodile. The wintry atmosphere was heightened by the gentle snowfall that fell outside, (not planned by the House) creating a picturesque scene despite the chilly temperatures.

Join us as we delve into this winter wonderland, where each moment is infused with holiday magic and spirited cheer. Hinton Ampner beckons and the festivities await

Embark on a whimsical journey at Hinton Ampner this winter, as A Neverland Christmas transforms the National Trust property into a festive fairyland from 25 November 2023 to 1 January 2024. In collaboration with Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, this enchanting experience is sprinkled with the magic of Peter Pan’s world.

Tinker Bell’s mystical hideaway National Trust Hinton Ampner

Christmas trees adorned with fairy dust
Christmas trees adorned with fairy dust

Step into the Darling family’s home, where Christmas trees adorned with fairy dust set the scene. Immerse yourself in the charm of J.M. Barrie’s beloved tale as light, sound, and movement bring to life the ticking crocodile, the Lost Boys’ camp, and Tinker Bell’s mystical hideaway. Keep an eye out for Captain Hook and his mischievous pirates, and be captivated by the fairies, the source of all magic.

Winter Wonderland Hinton Ampner

Winter Wonderland Hinton Ampner
Winter Wonderland Hinton Ampner

The Adventure Continues Venture into the garden and grounds for more excitement! Explore the Wendy House, the Mermaids’ Lagoon, and even Nana’s dog house, where furry friends can strike a pose. Indulge in delightful treats at Tink’s Tuckshop in the courtyard or discover vintage treasures at Hook’s Books, a second-hand bookshop.

Winter Wonderland Stroll No visit to Hinton Ampner is complete without a winter stroll through the surrounding parkland, farmland, and woodland. Bundle up in your best bobble hat, woolly scarf, and cosy jumper. Afterwards, warm up with a seasonal drink at the café in the old stables. It’s the perfect blend of festive magic and natural beauty at Hinton Ampner’s A Neverland Christmas!

Christmas Delights at National Trust Hinton Ampner

A Shopping Wonderland
A Shopping Wonderland

Hinton Ampner’s Festive Emporium Explore Hinton Ampner’s charming shop, offering a delightful array of Christmas treasures. From recycled rugs to mood-boosting soaps, artisanal chutneys for your cheeseboards, and indulgent chocolate treats, find inspiration for the perfect Christmas gifts. Treat yourself to a touch of magic!

Captivating Reads and Sweet Surprises Embark on a literary adventure at Hook’s Books, our enchanting second-hand bookshop. Let the pages come alive with the greatest tales, and don’t forget to take home the classic story of Peter Pan. But beware! The pirates might stage a mutiny if you skip this literary voyage. For those with a sweet tooth, resist the temptation of Tink’s Tuckshop, offering a delicious array of tantalizing treats. Shiver me timbers with joy!

Secure Your Spot at National Trust Hinton Ampner

Essential Tips for Booking Tickets

Hinton Ampner Summer
Hinton Ampner Summer Photo

Plan and ensure your spot by booking tickets in advance. You can reserve your tickets up to two weeks before your desired date. Mark your calendar for the ticket release dates: 9th & 30th November and 7th & 14th December. Don’t miss out – book early and guarantee access to the exciting experiences awaiting you!”

About National Trust Hinton Ampner

A Harmony in Architecture and Landscape

Winter Pumpkins
Winter Pumpkins Hinton Ampner

This elegant country manor and its serene garden blend seamlessly, each dependent on the other for their existence.

Rebirth from Ashes Ralph Dutton’s Restoration

Jolley Roger
Jolley Roger Hinton Ampner

Witness the loving reconstruction of Hinton Ampner by its last owner, Ralph Dutton, following a devastating fire in 1960. Explore beautifully proportioned rooms showcasing his exquisite collection of ceramics and art, with windows framing tranquil countryside views.

A Walk Through Centuries Unveiling Hinton Ampner’s History

Delve into Hinton Ampner’s rich history, evolving from a Tudor farmhouse to a neo-Georgian masterpiece. Discover hidden clues that narrate its journey over nearly 500 years.

The Tudor Manor: Roots of Heritage

Explore the origins of Hinton Ampner with a Tudor manor constructed in the 1540s. Uncover remnants of this era, including the stables (now the café), parts of the Walled Garden, and the enduring lime tree avenue.

The Georgian House A Change of Perspective

Learn about the Georgian house built by Henry Stawell Bilson-Legge, its slight angle capturing the sun. Enter the era of the Dutton family in 1803, when Mary Bilson-Legge married John Dutton, bringing a new life to Hinton Ampner.

The Victorian House Quirks and Changes

Christmas Tree Lights
Christmas Tree Lights Hinton Ampner

Journey through the Victorian era with John Thomas Dutton’s decision to encase the Georgian structure in a mock Tudor Gothic extension. Experience the peculiarities, from the absence of bathrooms to innovative early central heating.

The Neo-Georgian House Ralph Dutton’s Vision

Step into the 1930s as John Dutton’s grandson, Ralph, transforms the “hideous” building into a comfortable haven. Witness the restoration, blending Georgian features and creating a neo-Georgian masterpiece amidst the looming threat of war.

Ralph Dutton’s Legacy A Neo-Georgian Manor

Discover the legacy of Ralph Dutton, the 8th and last Lord Sherborne, who devoted fifty years to enhancing Hinton Ampner. Explore the small neo-Georgian manor, a rarity in the Hampshire vernacular style, rebuilt with care and dedication after the 1960 fire.

New Alresford

A Market Town Gem with The Watercress Line Delight

New Alresford River Walk
New Alresford River Walk

Nestled in the heart of Hampshire, New Alresford stands as a quintessential market town, offering a delightful blend of history, culture, and scenic allure. One of its notable gems is ‘The Watercress Line,’ a heritage railway that adds a touch of nostalgia to this picturesque locale.

Historic Charm

New Alresford exudes a timeless charm with its historic architecture, quaint streets, and vibrant market square. Strolling through the town feels like a step back in time, where every corner whispers tales of its rich heritage.

Market Town Charisma

As a bustling market town, New Alresford invites visitors to explore its local markets, showcasing a diverse array of goods. From fresh produce to handmade crafts, the market scene reflects the community’s vitality and offers a chance to immerse in the local lifestyle.

The Watercress Line Adventure

The Watercress Line Adventure
The Watercress Line Adventure

Get ready for the magic of Steam Illuminations in 2023! Our steam train transforms into a mesmerising light show with thousands of colourful LED lights and wristbands, creating a magical kaleidoscope inside and out.

Join the festive fun with our Christmas Chart Crackers DJ mix until Christmas Day, and then continue the family celebration into the new year with our Pop Anthems Journey. Choose from dates featuring Christmas hits (‘Christmas Chart Crackers’) or enjoy a musical journey from the 1960s to today with dance floor singalongs (‘Pop Anthems Journey’). Sing, dance, and cheer on this enchanting musical adventure, hosted by the legendary ‘Voiceover Man’ from Britain’s Got Talent and X-Factor.

Departing from Alresford or Alton, the round trip lasts approximately 1 hour 45 minutes, ensuring a memorable experience for the whole family. Don’t miss out on this magical event!

One of the town’s standout attractions is The Watercress Line, a heritage steam railway that winds its way through the scenic Hampshire countryside. This nostalgic journey aboard a vintage steam train provides a unique perspective of the area, evoking the golden age of steam travel.

Step into the past on our living history railway, where the essence of steam unfolds across 10 miles of Hampshire’s scenic countryside, adjacent to the South Downs National Park. Starting your journey just seven miles from Winchester, choose to board at the Georgian charm of Alresford or the vibrant market town of Alton. With all-day travel fares, explore our four heritage stations, each a snapshot of a bygone era nestled in historic towns.

Website link for Tickets

Scenic Delights

Surrounded by the picturesque Hampshire countryside, New Alresford offers plenty of opportunities for tranquil walks and scenic exploration. The meandering River Arle adds a serene touch to the landscape, making it an ideal destination for those seeking relaxation and visual delight.

A Blend of Past and Present

New Alresford beautifully balances its historical roots with a vibrant present, creating an atmosphere that appeals to both history enthusiasts and modern explorers. Whether you’re captivated by centuries-old architecture or enticed by the local culinary scene, this market town has something for everyone.

Discovering Natural Beauty

New Alresford’s Alre Valley and Millennium Trails

New Alresford's Arle Valley and Millennium Trails
New Alresford’s Alre Valley and Millennium Trails

Nestled in the heart of Hampshire, New Alresford beckons outdoor enthusiasts with its picturesque landscapes and inviting trails. Two gems that stand out in this idyllic setting are the Alre Valley and Millennium Trails, offering a scenic journey through nature’s wonders.

Alre Valley Trail A Tranquil Retreat

The Alre Valley Trail weaves its way through the stunning countryside surrounding New Alresford. This peaceful route takes you along the banks of the River Alre, offering a serene escape into nature. As you meander through lush meadows and shaded woodlands, the soothing sounds of flowing water provide a soundtrack to your exploration.

Highlights of the Alre Valley Trail

New Alresford's Arle Valley and Millennium Trails Map
New Alresford’s Alre Valley and Millennium Trails Map
  • Riverside Strolls: Follow the riverbanks, where the gentle flow of the River Alre creates a tranquil atmosphere.
  • Wildlife Encounters: Keep an eye out for the diverse array of wildlife that calls the Alre Valley home, from waterfowl to woodland creatures.

Millennium Trail A Pathway Through Time

Step into the past as you embark on the Millennium Trail, a journey that seamlessly blends history and nature. This trail showcases the town’s rich heritage, guiding you through historic landmarks and charming landscapes.

Highlights of the Millennium Trail

New Alresford Robin
New Alresford Robin
  • Historic Landmarks: Explore points of historical interest, including centuries-old buildings and landmarks that narrate the town’s story.
  • Charming Landscapes: The Millennium Trail takes you through New Alresford’s scenic surroundings, providing breathtaking views and photo-worthy moments.

Why Explore Both Trails

Spelling Mistake?
Spelling Mistake?

To the left is a close-up of the sign in the Town. I was wondering if this is a spelling mistake. Arle instead of Alre. It seems strange to have the River Alre and New Alresford and then the Arle Valley Trail. If they are spelt wrong then all the walking signs like this in Town are wrong. Maybe there are two ways to spell the word.

Combining the Alre Valley and Millennium Trails offers a comprehensive experience, allowing you to appreciate the natural beauty of the area while delving into its fascinating history. Whether you’re a nature lover, a history buff, or a bit of both, these trails promise a memorable journey through the heart of New Alresford.

So, lace up your walking shoes, embrace the fresh air, and join us as we explore the enchanting landscapes of New Alresford through the Alre Valley and Millennium Trails. A perfect blend of tranquillity, history, and natural beauty awaits your discovery.

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