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Brighton A Day Out

Brighton A Day Out

The British Airways i360 Brighton Sea Front

Brighton and Hove is a seaside city in East Sussex, in South East England. There is a thriving arts and Cafe Culture In Brighton, alongside Independent shops, stores and Restaurants. The Beach is a magnet for Tourists who like walking, swimming, sunbathing, shopping, eating and people-watching. This is a small tour of a small area in Brighton.

There is nothing better than an early start in Brighton and Hove. We tend to arrive about 09.30 (give the shops time to open) on a Saturday. It also gives us a chance to have breakfast. We park outside Kings House “Brighton and Hove Council offices” There are a few places to pay and display on Grand Avenue. You will be hard-pressed to find any free parking areas. If you know of any then please post below.


The Arches Brighton
The Shopping Arches near the i360 Brighton

You have a choice near your parking spot. To the North, you have Loungers Modelo Lounge Which is good for a sit-down full breakfast and a read of the free newspaper. (I love loungers) You also have (to the North) Small Batch Coffee which serves breakfast and is the best coffee I have ever tasted. (I love their coffee)

The third choice is close by on the seafront and also in the correct place for the start of a walk. Lawns Cafe, We have been going here for years, It’s always a bacon and egg bap, a toasted tea cake, a tea and a filter coffee. It’s good, you just need a bit of sunshine as it’s all outdoor seating. This is where the Saturday fun runners start, and families and friends gather to chat. Forth choice is (I know, too many nice places in Brighton for Breakfast and the walk has only just begun) The forth choice is The Flour Pot Kitchen (Just after the i360 on your left) 

The Walk

British Airways i360 Brighton
View From The Top i360 Brighton

From the car and also depending on which place you choose to eat, you need to head for the beach and then East towards the British Airways i360 on the Seafront. To the back and slightly before the i36o are some independent craft shops under the arches. These are worth a visit. Continue East and enjoy all the shops and art galleries on the Seafront. I like Castor and Pollux and Two Kats and a Cow.  

After Two Kats and a Cow walk back down the front again and continue East, viewing and visiting the other Archway shops and Galleries. Take the next exit off the Seafront and head towards the Traffic lights. Cross over and head down East Street. You have a choice here ( we are heading for Bond Street eventually)  You can carry Straight on East Street which bears right and then at the roundabout turn left onto North Street. Then Halfway up North Street on the Right, you will see Bond Street. The Post and Telegraph Pub is on the corner. 

The second choice is, If you want to look around the Lanes bear left halfway down East Street, to Bartholomews and then Take the first Right. You will be in the Lanes, which are full of Antique shops, Jewellery shops, craft shops, pubs and cafes. Try and exit the Lanes to the North on North Street and find Bond Street.

The North Lanes

Dukes Brighton Lanes
Duke’s The North Lanes Brighton

The North Lanes Brighton is packed full of independent trade shops and galleries. The Plan is to get to Trafalgar Street by winding your way through several Streets. It’s an easy plan as you just follow the crowds, It’s Saturday and now about 11.30 am People are coming out to Brunch, Lunch and people watch. Just go with the flow, It may well be busy, but it’s a relaxed walk with lots of Galleries and shops to visit as you wind your way through. 

Saturday Market

On a Saturday some of the Streets slightly North have a Saturday Outdoor Flea market (Upper Gardner Street) Selling second-hand, Antique and Homemade items.  The North Lanes are good, it may take you many visits to see all the places you want around this area, as there are shops up and down the side streets. If it’s your first visit, just follow the crowds. 

Food in The North Lanes

We Have The Flour Pot Bakery (again) Always good to have a strong coffee a shared toasted sandwich and a shared cake. You also have Bill’s, Not sure when we first visited, It was probably about 2005 -2006 we visited the First Bill’s in Lewes, East Sussex before this one. Now in many cities around the country. One of my recent favourites in Brighton is Franco Manca. They make Sourdough Pizza that tastes great, Pizza Starts at £5.00 and they do a nice beer called No Logo Lager. I have been going to the London branches for a few years. Having one in Brighton is like a dream come true.

That’s just a few places you can eat on the North lanes, I am sure I have some more hidden away in my head. I will add to them as I remember.

Head Back

Brighton The Lanes
Brighton The Lanes

When you get as far as Trafalgar Street, Turn back and head for the Market Lanes. You can go on further to explore a little more but I will leave that for another day. So, head back more or less the same way you came visiting the Flea market and the antique shops etc. When you reach North Street, Turn right and walk towards the city centre. You will find that the following streets are quite busy, the Brighton Churchill Square Shopping Centre on your left at the end of North Street. Stores such as Marks and Spencer ( Main Bus area for Brighton) and Primark are on your right. If you like charity shops then the walk back will take you past about 10 charity shops.

Last Chance for Cake

Last chance for cake and coffee, On your way back you will find some old favourites, The Flour Pot Bakery 41 First Avenue) and Last Batch Coffee (111 Western Road) have places where you can grab a coffee and rest. The Flour Pot Bakery may have some Sourdough bread left for you to buy and take home for breakfast, or Cut and freeze for another day. Bankers Traditional Fish and Chip Restaurant is on your right, 116A Western Road, you can eat in or take away here. In summer you can sit in Norfolk Square (park) across the street.

You will pass lots more independent traders on the way back. I like the Food store Taj the Grocer (Western Road and Montpelier Road Junction) There is also a nice Chinese food store for you to top up your prawn crackers and noodles, The Unithai Oriental Market (Church Road after First Avenue) These are all on the way back so you can carry as much as you want.

Summary of the Head Back (to car) Roads, North Street become Western Road then Church Road, don’t forget to turn left onto Grand Avenue, and then it’s back to your car.

Egg and Bacon
For the Love of Food Brighton

Small Batch Coffee Company

The Flour pot Bakery

Below you will find some maps of the Brighton area, including cafe stops, that will hopefully help you with your day out. 

Loungers Brighton and Hove

Small Batch Coffee Brighton and Hove (Near parking)

Lawns Coffee Brighton and Hove seafront

The Flour Pot Kitchen Brighton Seafront

The Lanes Brighton

Brighton Hotels

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