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Split Transport Travel Guide

Easy Transport Tips for Seamless Explorations in Split

Split Travel Guide, Navigating Split, Croatia is a breeze with various transportation options. Here’s a quick guide for your journey. From the Airport We chose the Local Bus No 37 at a cost of Just 3 Euro per person. It’s a longer journey but comfortable. We used a lot of buses during our stay. The number 22 took us to Fortress Klis and back for just a few Euros. It’s very easy with a smartphone and Google Maps to track the bus timetable.

Transfer from the Airport

Taxi Service

Split Airport
Split Airport

Arriving at Split Airport, indulge in the ease of a taxi ride. Taxis provide a seamless and prompt transfer to your accommodation, ensuring a stress-free start to your Croatian adventure. Each taxi comes equipped with a taximeter, diligently calculating your fare as you explore. With a base price of about €2.40 and an additional €1.10 per km, it’s not the most economical way to travel But gets you from the Airport to your Accommodation the quickest way. Before embarking on your adventure, ensure your taxi driver activates the meter at the base fare. You are looking at about €35.00 to €40.00, (€10.00 each if you are 4 people) the journey is around 30.00 minutes.

Taxi Split Airport Official Split Travel Guide

Shuttle Buses

Shuttle Buses Split
Shuttle Buses Split

Opt for the economical choice of shuttle buses available at the airport. These services conveniently connect you to various parts of the city, allowing you to soak in the scenic surroundings while en route. €6.00 (single ticket)

Shuttle Buses Location to Split – Split Travel Guide

Public Buses – The Local Buses

Public Buses The Local Buses Split
Public Buses The Local Buses Split

The Local bus (Number 37) from the Airport costs just €3.00 (single ticket) 50 minutes from the city centre (it stops at most stops on the way) Embrace the local experience by hopping onto Split’s well-organized public bus system. With easily identifiable and well-marked bus stops, navigating the city and its outskirts becomes effortlessly convenient. Enjoy the flexibility of exploring different neighbourhoods at your own pace. This is by far the cheapest option. The Bus Stop is very close to the airport. you may have to wait for a bus though, but not long 15 to 20 minutes.

Location of the Local bus (Number 37)

The bus goes from the opposite side of the marker towards Split (Croatians drive on the Right side of the road). Not the airport side of the road, The far side under the small bus shelter.

Trains Split Travel Guide

Rail Connections

Rail Connections Split
Rail Connections Split

Although Split itself doesn’t boast an extensive train network, seamless connectivity can be achieved by combining other modes of transportation. Utilise buses or taxis to reach nearby cities that offer efficient rail services, enhancing your travel options.

Split’s Transportation Hub

Split's Transportation Hub
Split’s Transportation Hub

Central Convenience at Split’s Transportation Hub! Nestled in proximity, Split’s train station stands conveniently next to the bus station, merely a kilometre away from both the ferry port and the historic Diocletian’s Palace. While the station may not offer picturesque views, it compensates with easy access to everything you might require, from snacks to ATMs. Operating extended hours, the station ensures accessibility, and for the explorers on the go, there are handy left-luggage lockers available at €2.00 per day. It’s worth noting that international train journeys to Split typically involve a transfer to Zagreb. If arriving or leaving via train you need to do some research.

Taxis Split

City Taxis

Taxis in Split are readily available and offer a door-to-door service. Ensure a hassle-free journey by confirming the use of the meter for transparent and fair pricing. Taxis are a comfortable option, especially for those with specific destinations or time constraints.

Discover Split’s Charm with Tuk Tuk Tours

Split Tuk Tuk Tours
Split Tuk Tuk Tours Split Travel Guide

Unveil the secrets of Split, Croatia, with the exhilarating Split Tuk Tuk Tours! Picture zipping through narrow cobblestone streets, Roman ruins, and dazzling Adriatic views—all from the comfort of a charming Tuk Tuk.

Effortlessly explore the city’s historic treasures, from the UNESCO-listed Diocletian’s Palace to the bustling Pazar market. With charismatic local guides adding a dash of humour and tales, this eco-friendly ride ensures you don’t miss a beat of Split’s vibrant past. Book in advance, buckle up, and let the Tuk Tuk adventure begin—making your Croatian getaway a ride to remember!

Tuk Tuk Location

There are 2-3 operators in this area.

Rental Cars and Scooters Split Travel Guide

Car Rentals

Embrace the freedom of exploration by renting a car. This option provides flexibility, allowing you to venture beyond the city and discover hidden gems at your own pace. There are several car rental places at the Airport and again in the City of Split. All the major worldwide car rental companies run these offices.

Scooter Rentals

Add an element of excitement to your travel experience by renting a scooter. Navigating the city streets becomes an adventure, offering a unique perspective of Split and its surroundings. Thye are are several Scooter rental companies in Split.

Split Sightseeing Tours Split Travel Guide

City Sightseeing Split Beyond Diocletian’s Palace

Split Sightseeing Tours Split Travel Guide
Split Sightseeing Tours

Embark on a hassle-free exploration of Split with City Sightseeing, exclusively provided by Apodos since 2013. This tour offers more than just transportation; it includes a top-rated walking tour of the city in the package, making it the ultimate way to discover Split beyond Diocletian’s Palace. The price starts at around €20.00 per person.

Unmatched Convenience with Engaging Guides: Hop on the open-top city bus for the most popular sightseeing experience in Dalmatia. Fully guided in 8 languages, including English, the tour is entertaining, informative, and safe. With an English-speaking guide onboard and a super engaging audio guide in your preferred language, exploring Split becomes a smart and convenient experience. The continuous runs and flexibility allow you to delve into the city’s history, culture, and attractions at your own pace—a wonderfully lazy way to make the most of your vacation. City Sightseeing Split Tour promises to be the highlight of your trip!

Location of Split Sightseeing Tours

All Aboard the Tourist Train Adventure

Discover Split’s Beauty

Tourist Train Adventure Split Travel Guide
Tourist Train Adventure

Hop on the Tourist Train in Split for an enchanting excursion that promises to transform your perspective of this vibrant city. Brace yourself for a journey through the most captivating locales, with a special focus on lush parks and sun-kissed beaches.

As the train winds its way through the southern slopes of Marjan Hill, get ready to capture picture-perfect moments with breathtaking views of the Brač Canal and a panorama of islands and stunning beaches. A unique highlight is the ability to explore the protected Marjan Forest Park, accessible only by the tourist train. Plus, seize the opportunity to reach nearby gems like Zvoncac, Obojena svjetlost, Kasjuni, and Bene—all aboard the convenience of the charming tourist train.

Convenient Departure Times and Locations

Split City Tours Cars Split Travel Guide
Split City Tours Cars

Embark on this adventure with departure times ranging from 08:00h to 18:30h. Meet at Riva in front of the church of St. Francis, 20 minutes before departure, or opt for an early morning start at the cruise ship (choose your location during booking). At just 20€ per person, this Tourist Train experience is your passport to a unique and picturesque exploration of Split!

There are also Electric tourist cars that run from the same area of the map. Embark on an extraordinary adventure with Old Car Split Tour, a fascinating addition to Split’s tourism offerings. Picture this: cruising through the charming streets of Split in an electric replica of Ford’s 1908 Model T. The best part? The drivers are not just guides; they’re licensed tour experts. You’ll be immersed in the authenticity of Split’s early 20th-century charm, with tours available in various languages through audio guides.

The ride is an intimate experience, limited to just 7 people, making it perfect for small groups (up to 14 upon request). Now, why should you opt for Old Car Split Tour? In a world filled with modern transportation, they offer you a unique chance to explore Split in a 100% ecologically friendly electric vehicle. It’s a way of ensuring that your adventure doesn’t harm the environment. Plus, you’re guaranteed a professional tour with licensed guides, promising an unforgettable journey through Split’s history and its enchanting surroundings. So, ready for a ride that leaves a lasting, environmentally conscious impression? Join this tour for a tourist experience like no other!

Location of the Tourist Train Split, Split Travel Guide

A Guide to Ferries and Boats from Split, Croatia

Island Hopping Navigating the Adriatic

When it comes to island-hopping in the Adriatic, Split stands as a bustling gateway to a myriad of stunning destinations. Several ferry companies operate from the port, offering an array of routes to enchanting islands. Let’s set sail and explore the companies and the alluring islands they connect you to.

Jadrolinija Sailing Tradition

Ferries and Boats Split Split Travel Guide
Ferries and Boats Split

Jadrolinija: Embark on an exhilarating coastal adventure with Jadrolinija’s extensive routes! Cruise from the vibrant Split to the sun-kissed shores of Bol, Korcula, Mljet, and the enchanting Dubrovnik on their high-speed catamaran. Uncover more about their mesmerising services here.

Discover the Adriatic Wonders with Thrilling Catamaran Journeys!

Kapetan Luka: Immerse yourself in the magic of the Adriatic as Kapetan Luka offers not one, but two catamaran services from Split to Dubrovnik. Experience the beauty from April to October or explore the captivating Split – Hvar – Korcula routes. Don’t miss out on their year-round catamaran journey from Pula to Mali Losinj and Zadar. Unveil the details here.

TP Line: Seize the summer vibes with TP Line’s Dubrovnik to Sipan & Mljet catamaran, extending its charm to Korcula and Lastovo in July & August. Dive into another adventure with their route from Dubrovnik to Korcula and Lastovo. Learn more about their exciting routes here.

G & V Line Iadera: Sail from Zadar to the local islands or opt for the new Rijeka – Krk – Rab – Pag – Zadar catamaran route. Embark on a journey of discovery with G & V Line Iadera. Explore further details here.

Mia Tours: Venture from Zadar to the picturesque islands of Premuda, Silba, and Olib with Mia Tours. Uncover the beauty of the Adriatic islands with their exceptional catamaran services. Plan your trip here.

Krilo Shipping Company Speed and Comfort: If speed is your preference, Krilo catamarans are your ticket to swift island-hopping. Cruise to destinations such as Brač, Hvar, Šolta, and Vis in style, enjoying a comfortable and scenic journey. Website for Bookings

More boat tour companies Split

Rapska Plovidba: Sail seamlessly between the islands of Rab and Pag or connect Rab with the mainland on Rapska Plovidba’s reliable service. Dive into island life and explore the wonders of the Adriatic. Get the details here.

Bura Line: Cruise effortlessly between Split, Slatina, and Trogir with Bura Line’s captivating route. Experience the beauty of the Dalmatian coast in style. Learn more about their exciting catamaran service here.

Porat Ilovik: Set sail from Losinj to the tranquil island of Ilovik with Porat Ilovik. Experience the serenity of the Adriatic and create lasting memories. Plan your island getaway here.

RPZ Vrgada: Explore the beauty of the small island of Vrgada from Biograd na Moru and Pakostane with RPZ Vrgada’s exceptional catamaran service. Dive into island life and discover the Adriatic’s hidden gems here.

SNAV Italy to Croatia Connection: For those seeking an international flair, SNAV operates ferries connecting Italy to Split. Experience the coastal beauty as you journey to and from Ancona, Italy. Website for Bookings

Schedules and Reservations: Check the ferry schedules in advance and consider making reservations, especially during peak seasons.

Embark on any of these unforgettable Boat, Ship or catamaran journeys and let the Adriatic unfold its treasures before you! Leisure and pleasure.

Tips for Island Bliss

Island Choices

Croatia Split Boat Tours
Croatia Split Boat Tours

Each island has its unique charm, from the vibrant nightlife of Hvar to the tranquillity of Vis. Choose based on your preferences. Island trips and fun days out can be booked on the waterfront Split (Split Riva). It’s just by the restaurant and garden area. (Location map below)

Islands via ferries or boats

Split Boat Tours
Split Boat Tours

Adriatic adventure, Whether you’re seeking historical allure, natural beauty, or vibrant nightlife, the ferries from Split offer a diverse range of island experiences, making your Adriatic adventure truly unforgettable! Elevate your Croatian journey by exploring nearby islands via ferries or boats. The Adriatic Sea offers stunning vistas, and island hopping is a picturesque and enjoyable way to embrace the coastal charm of the region

Location for Sailing Trips and cruises – Split Boat Trips

Fun Sailing Tours Split Croatia – Split Travel Guide

Walking and Cycling Split Travel Guide

Explore on Foot

Walking Split Croatia Split Travel Guide
Walking Split Croatia

Immerse yourself in the charm of Split’s compact city centre by exploring on foot. From the historic Diocletian’s Palace to bustling marketplaces, walking allows you to absorb the vibrant atmosphere and discover hidden gems. Exploring Split, Croatia, on foot is a fantastic way to soak in its rich history and vibrant culture. Here’s a snapshot of some top walking tour companies in Split.

Split Walking Tours – Split Travel Guide

Cycling Split Travel Guide

Cycling Split Split Travel Guide
Cycling Split

For a healthy and environmentally friendly option, consider renting a bike. Cycling through the city and its scenic surroundings provides a unique blend of adventure and relaxation. There are plenty of bike rental companies charging around €15.00 per day or €10.00 per day if you rent for longer periods. Most companies deliver and pick up the bikes.

Tailor your transportation choices to suit your itinerary, and let the diverse options enhance your experience in the captivating city of Split, Croatia!

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