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Campervan Holiday Blonville sur Mer France

Campervan Holiday Blonville-sur-Mer France

The Blonville-sur-mer beach campsite
The Blonville-sur-mer Beach campsite

After leaving Fecamp we drove west towards Honfleur on our way to Blonville-sur-Mer. We had a booking for a few nights camping at a beachside campsite called The Blonville-sur-mer beach campsite. It’s about one hour thirty minutes, so not too long a journey. We took the route over the Pont de Normandie which is a Toll bridge. (So we could stop off at Honfleur) It cost about €6.50 we easily paid by contactless payment on our phone.

After Honfleur, it was only another 30-minute drive to our campsite at Blonville-sur-Mer. The town is West of Deauville and Trouville-sur-Mer. We picked this campsite so we could easily visit the nearby towns. The beach at Blonville-sur-Mer stretches for about two kilometres and is made up of fine sand. This makes it a perfect beach for families and a safe place to swim. Lifeguards are present during the High season from 1st July to 31st August.

We checked in to our site, parked up and headed off for a swim, the first swim of the holiday. It was cold, very cold, being the English Channel and more or less across from The Isle of Wight and the Solent, I felt that it was just like being at home. I lasted around 10 minutes. I am saving any future mad swimming ideas until we turn the corner and drive further south.

After our homemade evening meal, we walk into town. The centre of Blonville-sur-Mer was about A ten-minute walk from the campsite. It is very small, offering a supermarket, a few family-run shops, and several restaurants alongside a bakery La Blonvillaise (which made some very nice bread and cakes) This place may be small but it’s lovely looking, the buildings are beautiful, It is a very welcoming little place.

Access to the beach

Blonville-sur-Mer Beach

Access to the beach is via the following streets: Rue de Hoinville, Rue Louise, Rue Laforge, Boulevard Marcelle Lechanteur, Rue Pierre Jacquot, Rue Chevalier, Avenue Michel d’Ornano (opposite the Camping de la Plage campsite and the marshes). You can find a parking space in all the streets leading to the beach. These streets all offer free parking.
You will also find a ‘blue zone’ parking area (limited time – blue disk required) between Rue Jean Duchemin and Avenue Michel d’Ornano, by the central pharmacy.
Animals are not permitted on the beach from 1st April to 30th September from 10 am to 7pm.
Outside of these hours, they must be kept on a leash or harness and at a distance of 100 metres from the boardwalk and villas.

Lifeguard surveillance

The beaches in Blonville-sur-Mer are under lifeguard surveillance from 1st July to 31st August, every day from 11.30 am tp 6.30 pm.
There are two lifeguard posts: at the Laforge beach (+33(0)2 31 87 92 94) and the Goblins beach (+33(0)2 31 87 81 90).

Further information on Blonville-sur-Mer beach

Blonville-sur-Mer days out

There are plenty of places to visit from Blonville-sur-Mer

Fossil from Villers-sur-Mer beach

You can walk into the village and shop at the local supermarket, have a drink at a local bar and then on the way back you can buy fresh bread and cakes from the local bakery. The centre of the town has a bus stop which takes you to Deauville. There is also a Post Office near the bus stop. It’s only a ten-minute walk away from the campsite.

You can visit Deauville by taking the bus from near the Post Office in town. Bus 111 takes around 7 minutes to town, its about 4k so you could walk fifty – sixty minutes and catch the bus back. A taxi takes about the same time as the bus but costs about Ten to Thirteen Euros. There is also a train, about four euros each way, every two hours or so. We took the van and parked on a near by street. Drive toward Deauville on the main road and as you get closer to town look out for when you enter the residential permit zone. when you do, take a left and a left again to double back on yourself, these streets should be free. from here you are ten minutes away from the town on foot.

Unveiling Hidden Treasures in Villers-sur-Mer A Beachside Adventure

Fossils from Villers-sur-Mer beach

Embrace the charm of Villers-sur-Mer, a quaint coastal gem just a thirty-five-minute stroll away from your campsite. Set off on a leisurely walk along the beach, immersing yourself in the soothing sounds of the waves. As you leave the campsite, turn left, and soon you’ll find yourself in the heart of this delightful town.

Exploring the Vibrant Heart of Villers-sur-Mer

At the heart of Villers-sur-Mer lies the bustling Place du Marché, tucked just behind the Town Hall. Here, vibrant market days come alive every Tuesday and Friday, offering a kaleidoscope of local delights. From fresh produce to unique souvenirs, the market is a sensory delight, inviting you to indulge in the authentic essence of the town. And in the high season, the market extravaganza extends to a few more days, ensuring there’s always something new to discover.

Fossil Hunting Unraveling Earth’s Secrets on the Villers-sur-Mer Shoreline

Venture beyond the town limits, and you’ll find a captivating pastime waiting for you. Explore the beach during low tide, and the sands of Villers-sur-Mer reveal hidden treasures in the form of fossils. These ancient remnants, some as small as a sweet, are waiting to be discovered. As you sift through the sands, you might stumble upon a unique find – perhaps even a meteorite, as some enthusiasts suggest. Keep your eyes peeled, for these fossils sometimes surprise you with a glimmer of gold, adding an exciting twist to your beachcombing adventure.

A Brief Sojourn, Countless Memories

During our two-day stay, Villers-sur-Mer unveiled its wonders, from the lively markets to the intriguing world of fossils. As the tides of time washed over us, we departed with pockets full of memories and hearts brimming with the beauty of this seaside haven. Until next time, Villers-sur-Mer, your secrets and splendours will linger in our dreams, enticing us back for more seaside escapades.

Stay tuned for our next adventure, where we uncover more hidden gems waiting to be explored!

Accommodation in Blonville sur Mer France

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