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Campervan Holiday Blois France

Campervan Holiday Blois France

River Loire
River Loire Sunrise

We are on our way to Blois this morning. We left Chinon early in the morning to drive along the Loire Valley next to the river Loire. The sun had just risen so we had some great views of the sun rising along the river Loire. The farmers and their tractors were up early too, so it was a slow drive to our next stop of Blois. It was a lovely drive for us tourists that are not in a rush. We passed a few of the many large chateau’s that are along this route. You can book a tour from the links below at Get Your Guide.

Blois is a pretty town with plenty of historical sights. It has a vibrant centre situated on the Loire River. Castles and vineyards are just a taste of what this charming town in the Loire Valley has to offer. We arrived on a Sunday to visit the Château Royal de Blois. We parked at a free car park on Prom Edmund Mounin by the river Loire just a 10-minute walk from the Chateau.

Château Royal de Blois
Château Royal de Blois

Blois has existed for more than 1,000 years, history and heritage are at your fingertips. The Royal Chateau, timber-framed houses, private townhouses, picturesque streets, historic gardens, churches, the neighbourhood of the old Poulain chocolate factory, and finally the Loire River, a listed UNESCO World Heritage site.

An early start and breakfast demanded a small snack. A bakery, Boulangerie Pâtisserie GUYON, 26 Rue des Trois Marchands, 41000 Blois, France provided a couple of very large freshly baked croissants and a pain au chocolat. We were early for the castle opening so sat in the gardens and ate our pastries.

Chateau Royal de Blois

Château Royal de Blois France
Château Royal de Blois

The tour of the Palace is very well organised, it’s a one-way system around the palace rooms. We bought a package which included The Chateau and the House of Magic which is just a short 5 minute walk away. The price was 21€ each, a reduced price because of the European Heritage Days.

Tragedies, shenanigans and power games: Throughout your visit, the Royal Château de Blois fills you in on the secrets of the French court. You will discover not only the royal apartments but also the Fine Arts Museum and many other sites that have left their imprint on the Château’s history.

Discover the 17 rooms of the Royal Apartments, the 9 rooms of the Fine Arts Museum as well as 4 other spaces, including the Estates General room, which is the largest (540m²) in the Château. Some rooms in the apartments are also quite large: the King’s Room (173m²), and the Queen’s Chamber (66m²).

The decors consist of numerous patterns or motifs: 6720 fleur-de-lis (stylized lilies) on the panels of the Estates General room, 237 candelabras in the Studio as well as numerous monograms; Francis I (35), Catherine de Medici (180) and Henry III (192).

Robert-Houdin House of Magic

Robert-Houdin House of Magic
Robert-Houdin House of Magic

Located just in front of the Royal Château of Blois in a large townhouse built in 1856, the House of Magic. Inaugurated on 1 June 1998, it is the only public museum in Europe to present magic collections and permanent live entertainment in the same place.

As you arrive, let yourself be surprised by the six-headed dragon springing up in the windows every 30 minutes. Once you’re inside, within a five-level 2000 m² space, immerse yourself in the universe of magic. Room after room, discover the history of magic, the life and work of Robert-Houdin along with new exhibitions and wide-ranging optical illusions.

The House of Magic is the culmination of a long-term project aimed at showcasing the magical and scientific heritage handed down to us by Robert-Houdin. As early as the 1960s Paul Robert-Houdin, a grandson of the magician’s, opened a private museum in Blois. Essentially biographic, the presentation showed a number of personal objects bequeathed to the family. In 1981 the collection was given to the town of Blois and supplemented by purchases of a mysterious pendulum and an automaton.

Denis Papin Staircase
Denis Papin Staircase Blois

Magic Room (Level 3)

Be amazed by the magic tricks presented on the stage of the Magic room.

Robert-Houdin room (Level 2)

With its wide array (170 objects), the Robert-Houdin collection illuminates the different talents of a unique inventor. Discover the salon, the office and the workshop of the renowned magician. In the heart of the Le Prieuré (the priory) his residence in St. Gervais, close to Blois…

Harry-Houdini passageway (Level 1)

Widely known as the “Escape King”, the American magician Harry Houdini (1874-1926) became a living legend with his heart-stopping stunts before audiences numbering in the thousands.

St. Nicholas Church
St. Nicholas Church

Mystery Alley (Level 0)

Chests containing sabers, posters, paraphernalia… Discover an evocation of the Oriental magic that was all the rage in the late 19th and the early 20th century.

The Rotunda, temple of prestige (Level 0)

A dizzying journey through the history of magic, from antiquity through modern times. The colours, sounds and wonders of enchanters will captivate you.

The Illusion Room (Level 0)

Surrounded by mirrors, inverted or topsy-turvy views. Misleading or unlimited perspectives and secretive, mysterious signs, you will feel like a mere pawn, one more disposable piece on the chessboard of time.

Méliès foyer (Level -1)

Each year, the foyer hosts a temporary exhibit dedicated to the magical arts, with original collections and interactive staging.

Wine of Loire River Valley

The 600-mile stretch of the Loire River valley and its tributaries make up one of France’s top wine regions. Get to know the wines (from Muscadet to Sancerre) in the Loire Valley Wine Guide. Look for refreshing dry whites from Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Melon. Plus off-dry rosé and lighter reds of Gamay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, and Grolleau.

Delve into the daily life of a family winery in AOC Vouvray, at the heart of the Loire Valley. Learn about vine-growing and wine-making, then taste a range of wines served with local food. Take a guided walk through the vineyards of Vouvray. Visit a typical man-made rock-hewn cellar. Taste a range of wines produced by a family-owned winery served with local delicacies.

Head to the quaint village of Chançay, at the heart of AOC Vouvray, to meet your guide. The wife of the winemaker at the family-owned winery you’ll be touring. Hear about the history of a winery owned by your guide’s parents-in-law since 1973. Then immerse yourself in life at the winery for a few hours. 

A few of the Chateau’s between Chinon, Tours, Blois and Orleans

Château Royal de Blois
Château Royal de Blois

Château de Chambord was placed in the first list of historic monuments in France listed since1840. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981. Chambord is one of the most amazing constructions of the Renaissance.

Château Royal de Blois was classified as a historical monument in 1845. The royal castle of Blois presents a magnificent panorama of the art and history of the Loire castles. Its four wings surrounding the courtyard form a unique example of the evolution of French architecture from the 13th to the 17th century. The building evokes, through its diversity of styles, the destiny of 7 Kings and 10 Queens of France.

The Château de Chenonceau An exceptional site with its original design on the Cher, Chenonceau is an essential stop on your tour of the Châteaux de la Loire. This jewel of French historical monuments welcomes you every day, all year round. Loved, administered and protected by women such as Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Médicis. The Château de Chenonceau welcomes its visitors as “guests for a day” with sublime bouquets of fresh flowers

Villandry Château and Gardens The Château de Villandry: avant-garde architecture In 1532, Jean Breton, François I’s finance minister, bought a medieval fortress located near Tours. Breton embarked on major works to bring the Château de Villandry into modern times.

Forteresse Royale de Chinon Royal Fortress of Chinon, a World Heritage UNESCO Site, and to get a glimpse inside the private chambers of Charles VII. Admire reconstructed rooms that are devoted to the history of the fortress. See the former bed-chamber of Charles VII and his spouse Eleanor Aquitaine. Get access to an exhibition of original artefacts from the 18th to 20th century.

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