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Bless Our Sailors

Bless Our Sailors

Sailing Through Time: The Timeless Elegance of Blue and White Platter

Bless Our Sailors

In the enchanting world of decorative arts, the Blue and white Platter stands as a testament to the ages. Adorned with intricate designs reminiscent of the classic Blue and White china ware, this platter weaves together the threads of history, seamlessly merging old-school tattoos with the charm of sailing ships.

In this exquisite creation, the past comes alive, telling the tales of trading sailing ships that once roamed the vast oceans. Moreover, it’s more than just a platter; it’s a fusion of artistry and history, a true embodiment of maritime heritage.

What sets this platter apart are the loving messages it carries. The ship gracefully sails amidst two banderoles, bestowing blessings upon our sailors and wishing for eternal joy and glory. Furthermore, each stroke of the brush captures the essence of a bygone era, making it a perfect gift for those precious moments in life that deserve to be cherished forever.

Whether adorning the wall as a piece of art or gracing the table of a delightful dinner with friends, its beauty knows no bounds. Additionally, with a generous width of 40 cm, it proudly takes centre stage, becoming the focal point of any gathering.

In the soft glow of ambient light, this Blue and white Platter transcends time, inviting you to delve into the captivating narratives of the past. In addition, it’s not just a decoration; it’s a story waiting to be told, a journey through history and artistry that captivates the soul. So, why merely set a table when you can set a scene? To sum up, embrace the allure of this magnificent platter, and let history be the backdrop to your memorable moments.

Porcelain Platter

Sailing Stories on Porcelain A Tale of Tradition and Elegance

Bless Our Sailors
Close up Ceramic Plate by Mutti

Nestled in the heart of artistic fusion, this lovely blue and white porcelain platter is a testament to the seamless blend of tradition and contemporary elegance. Crafted with precision and adorned with a design inspired by traditional sailors’ tattoos, it carries the whispers of ancient voyages and maritime legends.

From the moment your eyes meet its delicate surface, you are drawn into a world where history meets craftsmanship. The under-glazed decorations, meticulously detailed, breathe life into the surface, creating a captivating narrative. The platter’s milky finish, a result of expert artistry, is complemented by a matt (no glaze) base, a testament to the careful firing process on a bed of sand in a traditional Chinese porcelain factory.

This masterpiece of artistry and heritage seamlessly marries East and West. Designed in the creative hub of Sweden, it embodies the spirit of global collaboration. The largest platter, a generous 40 cm in diameter, commands attention akin to a Roast Chicken size, making it a striking centrepiece for any occasion. Its medium counterpart, measuring 34 cm across, and the petite version at 20 cm, offer versatility that suits various culinary delights.

It’s not merely tableware

In the hands of skilled artisans, this platter transcends cultural boundaries. It’s not merely tableware; it’s a bridge between eras and continents. As you trace your fingers along its edges, you’re transported through time, embracing the legacy of ancient craftsmanship and the innovation of modern design.

This platter isn’t just an object; it’s a conversation starter, a tangible connection to the rich tapestry of human creativity. With every meal served and every story shared around it, the platter becomes a vessel not just for food but for shared experiences, making every moment around the table a cherished memory. So, invite history and elegance to your table, and let this platter be the catalyst for unforgettable moments.


By Mutti is a line of porcelain & home wear brands, made by artist and ceramist Eva Gernandt. Each piece is rich in history and symbolism and is made to last. Scandinavian ceramicist Eva Gernandt spent her childhood by the sea, building boats. She spent time working with a fisherman which inspired her unique collection of illustrated porcelain tableware. The collection is crafted using high-quality feldspar porcelain produced in a small family-owned factory in Kanton, China. Her pieces might look like traditional china but take a closer look. You will see that each of the illustrations is inspired by nautical tattoos.

Utility Brighton, A traditional Local Shop. A must-visit on your Brighton Day Out.

We bought this plate on a day out in Brighton from an amazing little shop at 28a North Road Brighton. The shop is called Utility. I love the fact that it has a nice story to it, taken from drawings of Tattoos of sailors.

About Utility, Support your local shops

Utility is an independent housewares store in Brighton’s North Laine. We like to think that we have become the must-stop shop for classic household goods.

We have put together a collection of everyday household goods made by well-known traditional factories, smaller makers as well as our own brand of housewares and enamel. We’d like to make choosing the things you need for home easy and fun.

Utility sells household things that are designed so well that they haven’t had to be changed in many years, or ever! Think of Duralex glass or Silvine stationery for example..

These staple designs mean our stock seems comfortingly familiar and that is why our range will fit in with nearly everyone’s taste.

Most importantly, we want you to enjoy getting your everyday household kit. We want to give it to you at a fair price and make it a pleasure.

Website link

Inspired by sea salt and stories

By Mutti is a line of porcelain & home wear brands, made by artist and ceramist Eva Gernandt. Each piece is rich in history and symbolism and is made to last. 

Location of Utility Brighton

Address of Utility


28a North Road


East Sussex


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