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Sarah Cox

Sarah Cox

Sarah Cox Blue Bird Ceramics
Sarah Cox Blue Bird on Hill

The Lovely Sarah Cox creates amazing original ceramic sculptures. We first came across Sarah at Art in Clay Farhnam . Art in Clay has been running for over 20 years. We have purchased some pieces from Sarah at the show. Also bought a few pieces at The Old Courthouse Gallery in Ambleside, Cumbria. We have one of Sara’s Sitting O’Malley dogs, He is away guarding a friend’s house at the moment.

Sarah Cox Bowl
Sarah Cox Fruit Bowl

Sarah’s artistry is deeply rooted in her profound admiration for the natural beauty of the earth. Drawing inspiration from her extensive travels, where she explored the depths of the world’s most breathtaking waters, her inimitable style comes to life. Within her creations, one can witness the delicate craftsmanship of sea anemones and fish from the ocean, a testament to her passion for marine life. Additionally, her love for the diverse flora and fauna of the world finds expression in her work, adding a touch of the wild to her creations.

To experience the depth of Sarah’s creativity, you’re invited to explore her Gallery of work, conveniently located in the gallery links listed below. Here, her unique style unfolds, capturing the essence of the natural world in every piece. For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Sarah directly. Her expertise and enthusiasm are readily available to provide you with any additional information about her ceramics. You can find the website link at the bottom of this page, connecting you directly to the heart of her artistic journey.

General Information

Sarah Cox Love heart and Birds
Sarah’s Love Heart and Birds

Sarah has had many solo and joint shows of her work since graduating. She has constantly had work on view in many galleries. Sarah has had three joint exhibitions at the CCA Gallery in Cambridge with a painter and a printmaker. She has appeared almost yearly at The Orangery or The Ice House in Holland Park since her graduation.


Galleries where Sarah’s Work is currently Exhibited

Sarah Cox Ceramics
Sarah Cox Blue Bird

Sarah Cox Website

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