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Art Atelier Little House

Art Atelier “Little House”

Art Atelier Little House Mermaid
Mermaid Bought from Atelier Dubrovnik.

What a find in Dubrovnik, a gorgeous quirky arts & crafts shop on a little back street in the Old Town. Then again, are they not all little back streets in Dubrovnik? We had just eaten a very large pizza at Mea Culpa Pizzeria and Trattoria. The Restaurant is tucked away in the quiet and peaceful old medieval alleyway, around the corner from the Art gallery. They use traditional Roman methods of creating the perfect pizza. We did share one. After the Pizza, we walked around the corner to find this gallery.

Mermaid Bought from Atelier Dubrovnik
Mermaid Bought from Atelier Dubrovnik.

Back to the gallery. They have some amazing creations in there, around about seven featured Artists show their original artwork. If you want something that no one else owns, then this is the place for you to add to your collection. Selling unique pieces of Jewellery, Paintings, Artworks and Sculptures. I cannot find any information on the Artist who produced the work.

Dubrovnik Croatia

Ceramics and Jewellery
Ceramics from Art Atelier Little House

Dubrovnik is a city along the beautiful Croatian coast and is famous for its Old Town and Fortress. Dubrovnik is an amazing city by day, but by night it is absolutely alive with life. The shops stay open until late, and their bright colours and alluring lights seem to hypnotise you into them. The many little streets around the Old Town are a maze. You will walk a different route every night, but amazingly (excuse the pun) you learn the routes around the Old Town.

The architecture is radiant, and the streets are not as crowded as they are during the (Cruise Ship Passenger) day. Dubrovnik feels like a city full of food and you will find an endless choice of restaurants as you walk through the Old Town. We like walking and browsing the shops in the early evenings. You will find the Old Town is a safe place to walk at night, It is immaculately clean and has a happy chatter of people eating, drinking and enjoying the warm night air. The Old Town is a great choice for travellers interested in architecture, history and atmosphere night or day.

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