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Maxene Brown Illustrator

Maxene Brown Illustrator

Maxene Brown

A bit of info about Maxene Brown Illustrator, also my favourite niece! Maxene designs cards and prints, and she enjoys working on illustrations for children’s books and school projects. I hope you enjoy her work.

Here is a quick Hello! From The Artist.

Hi, I am an illustrator based in Birmingham in the United Kingdom. I have been glued to my pencils and paintbrushes since I can remember. I find ways to include daily inspirations, memories and experiences in my work by using traditional and digital mediums.  

​I am available for personal commissions and bigger projects. Please get in touch if you fancy working together!

Christmas Cards

Check out these Christmas cards at Maxene’s Etsy Shop Christmas Cards

Valentine Day Cards from Maxene Browns Shop Go To Maxene Brown’s Shop Maxene Brown Shop

Custom Work

Maxene Brown Custom drawings

Maxene produces lovely customised digital portraits for you and your friends or loved ones! Portraits are A4 in size, of course, if you would like a different size then just let us know when you order, additionally, the illustrations can be either in landscape or portrait depending on your preference.

The portraits will take approximately 1 – 2 weeks to complete. Maxene will send over the pencil outline to make sure you are happy before she starts to colour it, after that when the portrait is finished she will send over a final draft before sending out the completed artwork. However, if you wish to have it printed then extra time needs to be allowed for this process.

How it works

Email over your main reference photograph, as well as other photos so Maxene can get a general idea of what you look like. The photos have to be clear, please don’t send blurry photos, pixelated photos, photos with filters (like Snapchat or Instagram) or cropped-off photos of the face.


Maxene will then draw the outline of your portrait. She will then send it over to you to make sure you are happy and if you would like any changes made then this is the stage for that.


When Maxene has coloured the portrait she will send over a draft to make sure you are happy with the final image and to check little details like hair and skin colour are correct.


Once you are happy with the artwork Maxene will send the portrait to you via WeTransfer, if you have selected the printed option she will post it to you. This is why it is important to let her know which format you would like at the start! Why not head over to Maxene’s Etsy Shop and have a look at her work? Visit the link at the bottom of this page.

Selected Clients

Hallmark Cards

Stan’s Cafe

The Barber Collective

The Philosophers’ Magazine



Tragic love stories

Zine workshop based on the painting ‘Tancred & Erminia’ by Nicolas Poussin

Held at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts

for the Barber Collective


Poster workshop based on the print ‘Platin & Co’ by George Grosz

Held at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts

for the Barber Collective

Visit Maxene Brown’s Website Maxene Brown Website

Go To Maxene Brown’s Shop Maxene Brown Shop

Maxene Brown’s Instagram Instagram Maxene Brown 

Follow Maxene Brown on Twitter  Follow Maxene Brown

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  • Clare Goldspink

    I love the Custom Artwork, Maxene is doing a really great Job

  • Thank you Maxene for the commissioned portrait; it looks fabulous. We are both really happy with it.


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