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Dubrovnik A Day Out, Walk to Mount Srd

Dubrovnik A Day Out, Walk to Mount Srd and Utvrda Strinčjera

Cable Car The starting point to walk up Mount srd
The starting point to walk up Mount srd

There are two ways to get up Mount Srd the easy way by Cable car or the harder more scenic way by foot. We are going to tease you by starting at the cable car. Trust me, this is not the last time you will the Cable Car. As you walk up the Mountain it will pass pass over you quite a few times. We hope to visit the Homeland War Museum and Utvrda Strinčjera while at the top. We took a packed lunch up the Mountain. You can eat at the top but it’s a bit pricey, Not a problem for us, as we are self-catering.

Just by the Cable Car, there is a lovely bakery Zlatno Zrno Pekarnica, that sells nice fresh rolls. If you cannot make sandwiches then buy something from the Bakery ready-made to take up Mount Srd. We stayed in this area so bought some bread early in the morning and made sandwiches. Take plenty of water at least a large bottle each, it’s a long way and on a hot day you will need it. Also, wear sensible shoes as it is a bit of a rubble-type path.

Map of a walk up Mount Srd

The start of the walk up Mount Srd

The walk up from the Town
The walk up from the Town

As I said before we started at the Cable car. Walk from here downhill on the right side of the road, You will pass the bakery. Then look for a small Stepped street on your right named Ul. od Srđa. Walk up these steps until the path ends then bear right, follow the path around until you join Gornji Kono. Continue along this path, and halfway along you will see a few viewing deck areas with wonderful views of Dubrovnik.

The first bit is mainly pedestrian, you may see a few small cars exiting garages or mopeds. At the end of this road, you will have to cross the main road Ul. Pera Bakića. After crossing go left down the hill then right until you are back on Gornji Kono Keep walking until you see Šumetska ul on your right (the fourth street) Go up this street/steps to the road at the top. Cross over the road and turn right. You can take the first street on your right Ul. od Križa this also brings you out at the top but you will need to navigate a much wider road to cross.

The Footpath up to Mount Srd

Direction for Mount Srd Footpath
Direction for Mount Srd Footpath

You need to walk past the bus stop and look for an opening on your left with a footpath sign to Mount Srd. Join this path. From now on until you reach the top, it’s an easy-to-follow path, it’s a hard walk but an easy path. All the way up you will get the chance to take photographs of the Old City Walls. The views will become more and more spectacular. The Path just zig zags all the way to the top of the Mount. When you reach the top you will pass behind an old Fort the Homeland War Museum. Turn right at the end and then right again towards the cable car.

Homeland War Museum

You can visit the Homeland War Museum for around 30kn for adults. The museum is very interesting. You can also do the walk to Utvrda Strinčjera which I will tell you about further down this page.

The Homeland War Museum of the Croatian War for Independence is located on the ground floor of the Imperial Fort on Srđ Mountain. It has around 500 showpieces from the period 1991 to 1995

The museum has four themes:
-The fall of the Dubrovnik Republic and history of the Fort Imperial
-The Serbian-Montenegrin aggression in 1991
-Days of victory – the liberation actions of the Croatian Army
-Suffering of the people, civilian buildings and cultural monuments

The exhibit consists of documents, art and documentary photographs, weapons, mines and explosive devices, war maps, commands, parts of military equipment, authentic recordings, video materials, the original flag which waved on Srđ in 1991, minefields maps, war log books and many more.

Time for a lunch break with views

The cable car at top of mount Srd
The cable car at top of mount Srd

After the Museum you can visit the Cable Car landing point. There are nice clean toilets and viewing decks upstairs as well as a shop. You will be happy you dragged that large bottle of water up the Mountain now as you see the price for a bottle in the shop. There is a restaurant Restaurant Panorama with inside and outside seating. The views from the restaurant are amazing. The Cable car arrival departure point is in a very modern building which also contains the shop and the restaurant as well as upstairs viewing. Outside you can hire a 4 x 4 caged buggy to go off-road on the mountain top. There are also Electric tuk tuk’s that take you up and down the Mountain.

Utvrda Strinčjera
Utvrda Strinčjera

We sat in a decking area and had our lunch in the brilliant sunshine with splendid views of the Old City walls below. After lunch, we went for a walk to Utvrda Strinčjera, it’s a dirt track with the odd 4 x 4 off-road vehicle passing by (Rented from the cable car area) Just keep along the road until you get to the Monument. It’s quite tricky but mainly flat and the views from the top all ways are always worth it. You can see over Lapad and the Cruise ship port. We came across a farmer (Goat herder) herding Goats and Sheep with his dog. He had done this a few times as most seemed to go in the right direction. When you are finished, it’s the same path back to the cable car. There is a little map below with some footpaths to guide you.

Walking Path to Utvrda Strinčjera

We came up, so now let’s go down

Electric Tuk Tuk Mount Srd
Electric Tuk Tuk Mount Srd

From the Cable car walk down the hill along the road. There is an Observation point just past the restaurant a few hundred yards down. You will see quite a few electric Tuk Tuk’s coming up and down the hill, and a few cyclists going fast down and very slow upwards. Continue down this road to a little village Bosanka, Dubrovnik. Go under a bridge and continue a few hundred yards past the old derelict buildings on your right. Further down this road just before the junction, you will see a signpost on your right. There is a shingled track through the trees. If you come to the tarmac path and a Memorial you have gone a few yards too far. The shingled path is the way back down the hill. It takes you down to a dual carriageway.

Breathtaking views as you round the corner

The walk back to Dubrovnik
The walk back to Dubrovnik

The views all the way down are breathtaking. At the bottom of this enjoyable descent, you will go under the carriageway by way of an underground pedestrian tunnel. The map route I have done at the top of the page would not let me draw this in. So from here it basically follows the new downhill path from the tunnel exit. I think it’s quite new. Basically, it keeps you off the main road. It looks unfinished as it still needs electric point fitting for lights etc and a bit of finishing off on the steps. Walk down the path to the end and join Put od Bosanke this will adjoin you to the blue route on the map at Ul. Bruna Bušića, Turn left and head back to town by zigzagging through the streets. You cannot get lost as any street going down will basically take you to the Seafront Beach area of Plaža Banje and the end of the walk.

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