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Dubrovnik A Day Out, Walk around Cavtat

Dubrovnik A Day Out, Bus Journey and Walk around Cavtat

Bus Number 10 to Cavtat from Cable Car stop
Bus Number 10 to Cavtat from Cable Car stop

Today we are going on a little Bus trip to Cavtat from Dubrovnik. If you bought the Dubrovnik Card then you will have a few return bus tickets included with that card. It takes around 30 minutes to get to Cavat, depending on how many stops the bus makes. You need to find the cable car that takes you up the big Hill. The best views of Dubrovnik and the surrounding area are, without doubt, experienced from the top of Srd Hill. That’s for another day. Today we are walking in Cavtat. Catch the number 10 bus from just below the cable car.

The Cavtat Bus no 10 departure point

Arrival in Cavtat

Your arrival in Cavtat will be at the main bus station, which is just a turning point really. There are a few shops nearby, a Supermarket, a baker’s, basically anything you would find in a small village. Head for Main Street which is away from the Bus stop and the waterfront.

Walk Directions

The Start of the walk

Cavtat boats on the waterside
Cavtat boats on the waterside

The map above does not show all the details for the 2 x walks, although they are both quiet short walks but extremely nice. The scenery and views are amazing. A to B the first is a circular walk. A to B the 2nd walk is longer than the line drawn, because it is a footpath I cannot draw it on the map.

Walk down the main street towards the waterfront and turn right along the waterfront. Continue along the waterfront until you reach the small church FRANJEVAČKI SAMOSTAN. Have a look around this church, small but very nice. After visiting the church turn left out of the door and look for signs of Racic Family Mausoleum. (30% discount with 3-Day and 7-Day card)

Racic Family Mausoleum

Racic Family Mausoleum

The Mausoleum of the Račić family (Our Lady of Angels) is the work of the Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović, built-in 1922. It is located in the Saint Rocco Cemetery, on the highest point of the Rat Peninsula, above the urban centre of Cavtat.

The Mausoleum of the Račić family was the first architectural work devised by Ivan Meštrović (1883-1962). It was constructed for the ship-owner family Račić between 1920 and 1922. Ivo Račić, followed by his two children, died a sudden death in 1919 due to the Spanish Flu. At the request of Marija, the widow of Ivo Račić and according to an earlier promise given to her daughter Marija Banac, Meštrović constructed a votive cemetery chapel consecrated to Our Lady of Angels.

You will have to climb quite a few steps to reach the top. there is a cafe halfway up if you fancy a coffee and cake. Take a look around the Mausoleum’s grounds and graveyard and take advantage of the discount if you wish to tour the inside the Mausoleum.

Head back to the Seafront

Cavtat Foreshore Walk The Path
Cavtat Foreshore Walk The Path

After visiting the Mausoleum head back down the hill and back to the waterfront. Turn right along the foreshore. The map gives a road further in but you can walk around the coastal path which is nicer. Halfway around and almost on the point is a beach bar “Beach Bar Little Star” It’s built on stilts over the beach and overlooks the sea.

If you decide not to stop just continue on the path. You will shortly arrive at another bar Restaurant Rokotin. We stopped here and had a coffee while people watching, The seating area is raised above the path and has spectacular views across the water. We watched the crew of a very large private yacht anchored in the bay taking their large tender out to pick up some people from Cavtat. Just down from the bar was a beach area which was full of people sunbathing, swimming and messing about in little boats.

Cavtat Watreside Views
Cavtat Waterside Views

After leaving the bar head toward the beach area and follow the path past the small fishing boats and rickety pontoons. you will eventually arrive at a boat yard and then a car park which takes you back to your starting point of the bus stop. We decided to buy some lunch to take to the front. We stopped at a small bakery at the entrance of the old town called Peco. Sandwiches are made in advance and displayed in the counter cabinet. they also have cakes and pastries like sausage rolls. 2 sandwiches later we sat back in the front on a little bench enjoying our food and the view.

Walk around Cavtat Part 2

The Foreshore of Cavtat
The Foreshore of Cavtat

Head left from the main street/seafront. continue along this path along the foreshore past Beach Bar Banac and then past Spinnaker Restaurant & Lounge Bar. Both places looked good for a stop if you fancied a drink. After passing the second bar you can continue along a path and then up a slight hill to follow the path around.

You will end up on the other side from where you started and in a bit of a forestry-type setting, but still on the coast. walk all the way along until you reach the Hotel Croatia Cavtat grounds. If you choose to go right here you will end up at the Hotel beach area down a hill. I think it’s just for guests. We turned left and walked through the gardens back to point B past Ancient necropolis Epidaurus an Archaeological site, not much there but it takes you back towards point B on the map.

Head back to the waterfront and the shops

The Harbour Cavtat
The Harbour Cavtat

We headed back to the waterfront and browsed the local shops up the high street and on the front. We then visited Vlaho Bukovac Home. (Free with 3-Day and 7-Day card) The Bukovac House is the birthplace and museum of the Croatian painter Vlaho Bukovac (Cavtat 1855 – Prague 1922), one of the most prominent Craotain painters and founder of modern Croatian painting. During his cosmopolitan life, conducted in America and Europe, Bukovac often returned home, where he left much of his work. The house is full of paintings, not just hanging on the walls but actually on most of the walls and doors. It is well worth a visit.

We finished the day by finding a waterside cafe and having a drink and just sat admiring the view and watching people going about their day. The waterfront is not short of cafes and restaurants,

Hotel Accommodation Cavtat

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