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The Hall Lancaster

The Hall serves the best-tasting coffee in Lancaster

Aktionsons the best coffee in Lancaster
The Hall Lancaster, coffee food and a bakery.

A must-visit. The Hall Lancaster is a wonderful cafe in the heart of Lancaster, that specialises in coffees, teas, artisan sourdough bread, cakes, and other baked goods. The cafe is well-known for its freshly made sourdough sandwiches and cakes, which are simply delicious.

The Hall Lancaster offers truly exceptional sourdough sandwiches. They bake the bread fresh daily, resulting in a crispy crust and a soft, chewy interior. The fillings are equally impressive, catering to all tastes, such as Pastrami and sauerkraut, smoked cheese, and red onion. These sandwiches are generously sized, and the ingredients are meticulously chosen and combined to achieve a perfect balance of flavours. The attention to detail is evident in every bite, and the sourdough bread is a standout feature that sets these sandwiches apart.

The Hall bakery and cakes

The cakes at The Hall Lancaster are also worth raving about. The range of cakes on offer is impressive, with everything from Lime and Polenta cakes to more unusual options like cherry cheesecake brownies. The cakes are moist, flavourful, and not too sweet, making them the perfect indulgence for any occasion.

Best coffee in Lancaster
The Hall Lancaster and its amazing coffee

The Hall in Lancaster is also a top-notch coffee shop that prides itself on serving high-quality coffee that is roasted in-house. The cafe’s coffee roasting process is a key part of its commitment to providing a unique and exceptional coffee experience for its customers.

The Hall Coffee carefully sources its coffee beans from around the world They focus on high-quality and ethically sourced beans. The beans are then roasted on-site using a state-of-the-art roaster. This ensures that each cup of coffee is fresh and full of flavour.

The coffee served at the Hall Coffee Cafe is simply outstanding, with a wide variety of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for an espresso, nitro, batch brew, cold brew, syphon or Chemex or a speciality coffee like a cappuccino or latte, the cafe has you covered. The coffee is always perfectly brewed. It has a rich and smooth taste that is sure to satisfy any coffee lover.

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere at The Hall Lancaster is also worth mentioning. The Hall has a warm and inviting ambience, with friendly staff and a homely feel. The bakery, which can be seen from the Hall is bright and airy. You can see bakers making cakes through the internal window. The smell of fresh bread and cakes fills the air, making it impossible to resist the temptation to indulge in a treat or two.

In conclusion, The Hall Lancaster is a must-visit for anyone in Lancaster looking for delicious sourdough sandwiches and cakes. The bakery’s commitment to quality ingredients, attention to detail, and warm and inviting atmosphere make it a standout destination for foodies and lovers of all things baked. If you haven’t yet visited The Hall Lancaster, it’s time to put it on your list of places to try!

Atkinsons Coffee Roasters next to The Hall

Atkinsons Coffee Lancaster
Atkinsons Lancaster since 1837

Just next door to The Hall is Atkinsons Coffee Roasters, this is part of the same company roasting coffee for the other cafes they run in Lancaster. Atkinsons Coffee Roasters in Lancaster is a must-visit destination for anyone who loves great coffee. Their coffee shop, which is located in the heart of Lancaster, is a charming and inviting space where you can purchase their freshly roasted coffee or tea blends to take home.

The staff at Atkinson’s are friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about coffee. They are happy to discuss the different blends and roasts they offer and will help you select the perfect coffee to suit your taste. Atkinsons roasts their coffee on-site, ensuring that it is fresh and full of flavour.

Coffee shop locations

The Shop

Opening times

9.00 am – 5.00 pm Monday – Saturday

11.00 am – 4.00 pm Sunday

12 China Street, Lancaster, LA1 1EX

The Hall

Opening times

9.00 am – 5.00 pm Monday – Saturday

9.00 am – 4.30 pm Sunday

10 China Street, Lancaster, LA1 1EX

The Music Room

Opening times

10.00 am – 4.00 pm Sunday – Friday

10.00 am – 4.30 pm Saturday

Sun Square, Lancaster, LA1 1EW

Website link for The Hall and the shop

A Walk from Scotforth to Lancaster seven miles

The Lancaster Canal

One of our favourite walks into the centre of Lancaster. Walking from Scotforth to Lancaster along the canal path is a delightful experience. It offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside and a chance to connect with nature. The walk is approximately three and a half miles long. It takes about an hour to complete, depending on your pace. Seven miles there and back, nearly two hours.

Starting from Scotforth, you will follow the Lancaster Canal, which is a peaceful waterway that is home to a variety of wildlife, including ducks, swans, and other birds. The Lancaster Canal path is well-maintained and mostly flat. This makes it accessible to all ages and abilities.

As you walk, you will pass through picturesque countryside, including fields, farms, and woods. You will also pass under several bridges.

As you near Lancaster, the path becomes busier, with more people walking and cycling along the canal. The path eventually leads you to the heart of Lancaster. Here you can explore the city’s historic streets, shops, and attractions. After stopping for lunch at The Hall we had a walk around some shops then back to Scotforth.

Overall, walking from Scotforth to Lancaster and back along the canal path is a peaceful and enjoyable way to spend the morning and or the afternoon. The stunning views and fresh air make it a great way to connect with nature and get some exercise. While the proximity to Lancaster means that you can easily explore the city at the end of your walk.

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