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National Trust visit to Quarry Bank Cheshire

Quarry Bank Cheshire, a day out at a National Trust Property

National Trust visit to Quarry Bank Cheshire Greenhouse flowers

National Trust visit to Quarry Bank Cheshire. Quarry Bank is a remarkable National Trust property located in Cheshire. It comprises several significant sites, including the Mill, Quarry Bank House, the Apprentice House, Gardens a restaurant and a café. We visited as a family of 8 people and spent about four hours touring the different places. It is not quite veg garden season yet. There were not a lot of things to see in the walled garden. This gives us the opportunity of a re-visit when the vegetables are growing.

The Mill, which dates back to the late 18th century, is the most impressive and prominent feature of the property. The Mill is well preserved, and visitors can experience the mill’s workings, including the massive waterwheel, which was once used to power the machines that produced cotton. The working machinery is still operational and visitors can learn about the technology that transformed the textile industry.

Quarry Bank House is a beautiful Georgian mansion that provides an insight into the life of the mill owner and his family. Visitors can explore the elegantly furnished rooms and learn about the lifestyle of the Greg family, who once lived there. The house also features a pleasant garden, where visitors can relax and enjoy the beauty of the estate.

The Apprentice House is a unique part of the Quarry Bank estate, which sheds light on the lives of the child workers who lived and worked at the mill. It is a sobering reminder of the harsh conditions endured by child labourers in the past.

The Cafe and Weaving Shed Restaurant at Quarry Bank

Cheese and Onion Pie with New Potatoes and Peas

The Weaving Shed Restaurant at Quarry Bank National Trust is a fantastic spot to grab a bite to eat while exploring the estate. With its friendly service and delicious food, it’s no surprise that it’s a popular spot for visitors.

One of the standout dishes on the menu is the Cheese and Onion Pie with New Potatoes and Peas. The pie is absolutely delicious, with a buttery, flaky crust and a rich, cheesy filling that’s packed with onions. The new potatoes and peas make for a perfect accompaniment, and the portion size is just right.

The Parsnip and Apple Soup is another great option, especially on a chilly day. The soup is creamy and flavorful, with just the right amount of sweetness from the apples. It’s served with a warm roll and butter, which is a lovely touch.

If you’re in the mood for something more substantial, the Tuna Baked Potatoes are an excellent choice. The potatoes are fluffy and tender, and the tuna filling is packed with flavour. It’s a hearty and filling meal that’s perfect for lunch or dinner.

For those who prefer a lighter option, the Ham and Salad Sandwiches are a great choice. The ham is fresh and flavourful, and the salad is crisp and refreshing.

Overall National Trust visit to Quarry Bank Cheshire

Baked Potato National Trust visit to Quarry Bank Cheshire

The Weaving Shed Restaurant at Quarry Bank National Trust is a fantastic place to grab a bite to eat. The menu offers a great selection of dishes, and the food is always fresh and delicious. The staff are friendly and welcoming, and the atmosphere is cosy and inviting. If you’re visiting Quarry Bank, I highly recommend stopping by the Weaving Shed Restaurant for a meal or a snack.

Conclusion National Trust visit to Quarry Bank Cheshire

National Trust visit to Quarry Bank Cheshire

Quarry Bank is an impressive National Trust property that offers a fascinating insight into the Industrial Revolution and the lives of the people who lived and worked during that era. The Mill, Quarry Bank House and the Apprentice House are all well-preserved and offer a wealth of historical information. The cafe and Watershed restaurant are a welcome addition to the property, providing a place to rest and enjoy a meal or a snack. I highly recommend a visit to Quarry Bank for anyone interested in history, architecture, or just looking for an enjoyable day out. We will be back to see the seasonal veg and also taste it, the chefs use the garden veg in their kitchens.

Address Quarry Bank, Styal Rd, Styal, Wilmslow SK9 4HP

Website Quarry Bank estate

Location Map for Quarry Bank

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