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Laura Lane

Laura Lane

Exploring Dartmouth’s Art Scene A Potter’s Paradise

Laura Lane Sailor
Laura Lane Sailor

In the heart of the picturesque town of Dartmouth, our journey into the world of pottery began. Nestled amidst the charming streets, we discovered the Baxter Gallery, a vibrant hub for art enthusiasts. It was here, surrounded by contemporary artworks and Dartmouth art prints, that we first encountered the exquisite allure of handmade ceramics.

From the moment we stepped into the bright and airy space at the corner of Foss Street and Flavel Street, we were captivated by the passion for craft that permeated the air. The gallery, adorned with unique creations, showcased the talents of designer-makers from the UK. Amongst their diverse offerings, we found ourselves drawn to a particular treasure – the Blue and White Sailor pottery.

Our collection grew, not just from Baxter Gallery, but also from various galleries scattered across the enchanting landscape of Cornwall. Each piece, a testament to the skill and creativity of local artisans, found its way into our hands. The allure of the Blue and White Sailor pottery, in particular, held a special place in our hearts.

Cornish Fishermen

One such creation, a charming representation of Cornish coastal life, found its home with us. This delightful character, with an undeniable charm, depicts a Cornish fisherman with a penchant for pilchards. Imagined with intricate details, he stands proudly beside his fishing boat in the quaint village of Polperro. His silent adventures at sea, eternally frozen in ceramic form, bring a touch of seaside serenity to any wall.

Measuring a modest 9 cm x 8.5 cm, this handsome chap has become more than just a piece of art. He embodies the quietude of Cornish coastal life, a reminder of the serene moments found in the midst of bustling seaside activities. His presence adds a unique charm to our space, a conversation starter and a testament to the rich artistic heritage of the region.

As our collection of Blue and White Sailor pottery continues to grow, so does our admiration for the talented hands that bring these creations to life. Each piece, a fusion of tradition and innovation, tells a story of the vibrant art scene thriving in the heart of Dartmouth and beyond. With every glance, we are transported back to the galleries, the scent of clay lingering in the air, and the timeless beauty of Cornwall captured in every stroke and curve.

Meet the Maker

Laura Lane Mermaid
Laura Lane Mermaid

Having completed both a BA & MA in Design at Plymouth University, Laura specialised as a Designer Maker, working in ceramics. At the heart of her work is the exploration of site-specific folklore in Cornwall, where she lives. This is expressed through the choice of materials, patterns & illustrations. Folklore is about the every day and being reachable.

Laura Lane  Fisherman
Laura Lane Fisherman

The stoneware clay comes directly from an ancient pit in St Agnes just a few hundred yards from the sea, along with some of the key glaze ingredients of china clay and tin which played such a vital role in Cornwall’s mining history.

The Artistic Journey Unveiled

Laura Lane Fisherman

The journey of creating these exquisite pieces of pottery is a meticulous process, a symphony of artistic techniques and meaningful symbolism. Each step in the creation of these unique works of art is a testament to the dedication of the craftspeople involved.

Hand-Thrown Expertise

Beginning with the artisan’s skilled hands, the pottery comes to life through the ancient art of hand-throwing. This hands-on approach imparts a sense of authenticity and individuality to each piece, setting the stage for the narrative that will unfold within its form.

Layers of Meaning

Layer by layer, the pottery evolves into a canvas of stories. The application of dark slip and delicate brushstrokes serves as a foundation. The sgraffito technique, an age-old method, adds intricate patterns, reminiscent of whispers passed down through generations. These layers and brush marks become a metaphorical embodiment of the game of Chinese Whispers, where some elements fade away while others stand the test of time.

A Tale in Glaze

A transformative dip in a white tin glaze follows, bringing forth the slate/blue hue that adorns the pottery. This colour, reminiscent of the vast moors, endless skies, and the boundless sea, breathes life into the pieces. It’s more than a pigment; it’s a reminder of the natural wonders that inspire the artist, captured in every stroke and curve.

Weaving Sustainability and Tradition

What makes these creations truly exceptional is the artist’s deep-rooted values. Living on an organic smallholding with a young family, sustainability isn’t just a concept; it’s a way of life. The principles of fair trade and supporting local artisans echo in every facet of her work. These ethical threads are woven seamlessly into the fabric of the pottery, making each piece not just a vessel, but a testament to mindful living.

Functional Art with Heart

The marriage of functionality and creativity is where the magic truly happens. These vessels, beyond being artistic expressions, serve practical purposes in daily life. It’s a pinch of fun added to the mundane, transforming everyday objects into conduits of art and joy.

In this artistic odyssey, tradition meets innovation, and sustainability intertwines with creativity. Each piece of pottery becomes a chapter in a story, a tangible embodiment of the artist’s passion, the region’s natural beauty, and the enduring traditions that continue to shape our world. As we admire these creations, we not only see pottery; we witness the echoes of generations and the essence of a community, all masterfully etched in clay.

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