Julia Land

Julia Land

Julia Land
Julia Land Ceramics

A contemporary studio potter who is a member of the Makers Guild in Wales. Producing earthenware slip decorated jugs in Chepstow.

We purchased these jugs from The Chepstow Pottery many years ago. I am not sure if the pottery is still trading and also if Julia is still producing pottery.

Julia Land trained at the University of the West of England, Bristol gaining a BA (Hons) degree in ceramics in 1993. Since leaving college she has had a studio in the Workshop Gallery, Chepstow. Julia focuses on hand thrown pots and slip decorated earthenware. She particularly enjoys the figurative properties of jugs, teapots and jars. Julia throws each item in sections and re-joins them at an angle to accentuate their posture so creating quirky and humorous, yet functional pots.

Julia Land Jug
Jug by Julia Land

Julia adds Coloured slips, She pours them freely, often overlapping. The slip is used to decorate and enhance the pottery forms, Finally, Julia glazes with a rich blue, earthenware glaze. This enhances the tonal range of the slips beneath.

Julia Land Teapot
Julia Land Teapot

A contemporary studio potter. Julia Land is a member of the Makers Guild in Wales. She focuses on thrown and slip decorated earthenware. Julia throws the clay then cuts and repositioned, in order to make humorous yet functional pots.

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