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Julia Land

Julia Land

Julia Land
Julia Land Ceramics

The Potter Julia Land, a skilled contemporary studio potter and esteemed member of the Makers Guild in Wales has made a significant mark in the world of ceramics. Her artistic journey began at the University of the West of England, Bristol, where she honed her craft and earned a BA (Hons) degree in ceramics in 1993. Since then, Julia has been a dedicated artisan, shaping her vision within the walls of the Workshop Gallery in Chepstow.

Her focus lies in the creation of exquisite hand-thrown pots and slip-decorated earthenware. What sets Julia’s work apart is her fascination with the figurative properties of everyday items such as jugs, teapots, and jars. With a meticulous eye for detail and a profound understanding of form, Julia crafts each piece with a unique approach. She throws her pots in distinct sections and then artfully re-joins them at angles, enhancing their posture and imbuing them with a sense of character. The result is a collection of pots that are not only functional but also exude a delightful quirkiness and humour.

A testament to the fusion of traditional craftsmanship

Several years ago, we were fortunate to acquire some of Julia’s exceptional slip-decorated jugs from The Chepstow Pottery. However, in recent times, there has been uncertainty about the continuity of the pottery’s operations and whether Julia Land is still actively producing her pottery masterpieces. Despite this uncertainty, the impact of her artistic prowess and her unique, whimsical creations continues to resonate with collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Julia’s work stands as a testament to the fusion of traditional craftsmanship with innovative design. Her ability to infuse life and personality into her creations elevates them beyond mere functional objects; they become expressions of artistry and a celebration of the human spirit. As admirers of her work, we remain hopeful that her creativity continues to thrive, bringing joy and inspiration to those who appreciate the beauty of finely crafted ceramics.

Julia Land Jug
Jug by Julia Land

Julia adds Coloured slips, She pours them freely, often overlapping. The slip is used to decorate and enhance the pottery forms, Finally, Julia glazes with a rich blue, earthenware glaze. This enhances the tonal range of the slips beneath.

Julia Land Teapot
Julia Land Teapot

A contemporary studio potter. Julia Land is a member of the Makers Guild in Wales. She focuses on thrown and slip-decorated earthenware. Julia throws the clay then cuts and repositions, in order to make humorous yet functional pots.

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