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Galleries Dartmouth

Galleries Dartmouth

Baxters Art Gallery
Baxters Art Gallery

Galleries Dartmouth, During our leisurely stroll through Dartmouth, we explored the vibrant art scene the town has to offer, particularly its charming galleries. One noteworthy stop was at the Baxter Gallery, situated at the picturesque intersection of Foss Street and Flavel Street. Stepping into this bright and airy space, we were captivated by a diverse array of contemporary artwork and an extensive collection of Dartmouth art prints.

What struck us most about Baxter Gallery was their genuine passion for craftsmanship. They proudly showcased a selection of unique pottery pieces, each crafted with precision and creativity. This gallery not only celebrates the talents of local artists but also champions the spirit of handmade artistry in the UK. From intricately designed ceramics to elegant sculptures and exquisite jewellery, every item on display bore the unmistakable touch of skilled designer-makers.

Our visit to Baxter Gallery was more than just a chance to appreciate art; it was an opportunity to connect with the rich heritage of Dartmouth’s artistic community. Each piece we admired told a story, reflecting the dedication and passion of the artists behind them. It was a delightful experience that added to the charm of our holiday in this beautiful town.

Laura Lane Ceramics
Laura Lane Sailor

One such piece was by Laura Lane. This handsome chap really loves caring Cornish pilchards! He has a little fishing boat in the village of Polperro & heads out to sea often. He is also pretty quiet and does not make a mess! Measures 9 cm x 8.5 cm and would be the perfect addition to any wall.

Ainscough Contemporary Art

Ainscough Contemporary Art

We have visited this galley probably since it opened. We stayed in an apartment on this street two years ago. It’s a great location and a nice quiet street during the evening. Ainscough Contemporary Art was established by Catherine Ford in Chelsea in 1995 exhibiting British contemporary art with up to ten solo shows a year until 2012.

The Dartmouth Gallery opened in 2005 and continues to exhibit British contemporary art over three floors with changing exhibitions throughout the years of gallery painters, potters and sculptors.

Some of our favourite artists showing work today were Christine McArthur who we have seen several times in Harrogate and also Edinburgh. Elaine Pamphilon also has paintings for sale in the gallery. I really like her work, Tate St Ives sells products designed by Elaine Phampilon.

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