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Emirates America’s Cup Portsmouth

Emirates America’s Cup Portsmouth

The Emirates America’s Cup World Series will take place in Portsmouth. Dates from the 4th to the 7th of June 2020. It’s the second event of the three-regatta ACWS circuit. This sees the America’s Cup teams racing on their first-generation AC75 high-performance foiling monohulls. The teams will face each other during 4 days of racing. Delivering high-performance action close to shore and putting fans at the heart of the competition.

The Solent Waters

The Solent waters will form the race course for the competing America’s Cup teams. They will start training on the 31st of May until the 3rd of June. Prior to the racing starting on the 4th. The race course will have a windward leeward configuration. With an upwind start to ensure a conventional match race pre-start. The teams will be positioned close to the shores of Southsea Common. The Royal Navy and Portsmouth International Port will house the five international America’s Cup teams. Using the extensive maritime facilities in Portsmouth.

The America’s Cup Fans

Fans will be able to enjoy a spectacular event Race Village on the shores of Southsea Common. With both a “free to view” and a ticketed race village being created for this very special event. The Race Village will house jumbo viewing screens with live commentators. America’s Cup exhibits and content to thrill all of the fans. World Class hospitality will be hosted in the historic Southsea Castle. A venue like no other combining history and first class views.

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Sailing Through Time: The Fascinating History of the America’s Cup

The America’s Cup, one of the most prestigious sailing races in the world, has a rich and captivating history that stretches back to the 19th century. Let’s set sail on a voyage through time to explore the origins and evolution of this legendary event.

The Birth of a Legacy (1851-1870s)

In 1851, the Royal Yacht Squadron of Great Britain organised a sailing competition around the Isle of Wight. The event garnered international attention when the American yacht “America” triumphed against a fleet of British ships. The trophy, later named the America’s Cup after the winning yacht, was donated to the New York Yacht Club, marking the beginning of a prestigious legacy.

Challenges and Dominance (1880s-1920s)

Over the following decades, the America’s Cup became a symbol of excellence and sportsmanship in the yachting world. American yacht clubs fiercely defended the Cup against challenges from various nations. The 1899 race saw the first non-American challenger, Sir Thomas Lipton, whose repeated attempts to win endeared him to the public despite his failures.

Intense Rivalries and Innovations (1930s-1980s)

The mid-20th century witnessed intense rivalries between American and Australian teams, leading to some of the most thrilling races in the Cup’s history. The 1983 competition marked a historic moment when Australia II, with its innovative winged keel design, broke the American winning streak that had lasted for an astonishing 132 years.

Modern Era and Global Participation (1990s-Present)

In recent decades, the America’s Cup has evolved with cutting-edge technology and an increasing number of international challengers. The competition shifted to high-speed catamarans, with teams from New Zealand, Switzerland, and other nations challenging the traditional dominance of American teams.

Today, the America’s Cup continues to be a testament to human ingenuity, sporting excellence, and international camaraderie. With each race, sailors and sailing enthusiasts from around the world come together to celebrate the spirit of competition and the enduring allure of the open sea.

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