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Falmouth to Flushing A Day out

Falmouth to Flushing by Ferry and Walk

Flushing Ferry

Falmouth to Flushing in Cornwall has long been a favourite destination. The walking around here is fantastic. Lots of little coastal villages to visit and lots of good circular walks. If you are based in Falmouth you have several walks to choose from. Visit the pier in town just off Market Strand you can access boats running to several places. Small boats run to places like Flushing, St Mawes, St Anthony, and Ponsharden.

Falmouth to Flushing, Penryn Circular walk

Start by finding the boat times out. The Flushing Ferry runs every hour in the winter and half hourly in the summer. We caught a boat at about 10.15 today. It costs £3.00 a person and takes about 10 minutes to cross. We first had a little walk around the village then headed out to our left. We did the walk to the right along the coast. That was the last time we came and then caught the same boat back. Today we are going to walk back to Falmouth, about 8 miles or so.

This is an easy walk to follow. Turn left off the boat and join St Peters Road and head for the South West Coastal Path. The path is just as St Peters Road takes a sharp bend to the right. Carry on down towards the boat yard ahead of you. If you have timed your walk with the low tide, you should be able to make most of the walk along the foreshore. There is one little bit at the first bend Sailor’s Creek, that may be a bit tricky. If so just re-join the path, after that, you should be okay on the Foreshore. If you are on a High tide, then stick to the path.

Falmouth to Flushing Walk map

Distance 8.8 miles Time spent moving 3:15 hours Ascent 171 feet Descent 217 feet Average speed (throughout the time spent moving) 2.8 mph.

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