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Dishoom London

Breakfast at Dishoom

Indulging in Dishoom’s London Breakfast has become a delightful ritual for me. My absolute favourite is the freshly made Bacon Naan Roll, a culinary masterpiece featuring Ramsay of Carluke’s smoked streaky bacon. The bacon matured for two weeks and smoked overnight in the traditional fashion, adds a depth of flavour that elevates this dish to extraordinary heights. This Bacon Naan Roll is truly a Dishoom signature, and in my opinion, thoroughly deserving of all its accolades.

During our visits to Dishoom, I’ve come to cherish the vibrant atmosphere that fills the restaurant. Even on a bustling Saturday morning, when the wait for a table seems a tad crazy, the experience is well worth it. The buzz of activity only adds to the anticipation, reminding me that I’m about to indulge in something truly special. I’ve found that the Covent Garden branch is just as exceptional, bustling with energy and always packed with eager diners.

One memorable occasion was in January 2020 when we attempted to visit Dishoom, only to find it under renovation. The anticipation built during those months, and when Dishoom Covent Garden finally reopened in the Summer of 2020 after a major refit, it felt like a culinary homecoming.

Try the steaming cup of Chai

This restaurant offers a diverse culinary experience, from hearty breakfasts like the Bacon Naan Roll to midday delights such as Kejriwal and Big Bombay. The menu allows for a variety of choices – from light lunches with Roomali Rolls and Salad Plates to indulgent feasts. One can even refresh the afternoon with a steaming cup of Chai accompanied by a small plate or two. Dining times are flexible; whether you prefer an early or late meal, Dishoom accommodates all preferences. And for those who enjoy a tipple, their drinks menu offers tempting options, from the exotic East India Gimlet to the classic Viceroy’s Old Fashioned, not to mention their superb Dishoom IPA.

In the heart of Central London, Dishoom stands as one of the best Indian restaurants, drawing patrons not just for its exceptional food but also for its immersive atmosphere. Its sister restaurant in Covent Garden, with its equal allure, further adds to the culinary charm of Dishoom. Each visit is not just a meal; it’s a culinary adventure, a delightful exploration of flavours and an immersion into the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine. Dishoom has become a place where indulgence meets tradition, creating an experience that lingers long after the last bite.

Contact Details Dishoom London

22 Kingly Street



Tel: 0207 420 9322

Opening Times

Monday – Thursday

8 am to 11 pm


8 am to Midnight


9 am to midnight


9 am to 11 pm

Other Locations



King’s Cross

Covent Garden




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Location of Dishoom Carnaby

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  • William K Kent

    Best Indian Place to Eat ever, Breakfast is a must, 5 Stars.


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