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John Birch Art. I now live and work in Gosport which is in the South of Hampshire. I lived in a village for many years and relocated to Gosport to enjoy the Sea and to give me inspiration for my artwork. Painting mainly with acrylic paint using a combination of flowers and ceramic objects such as jugs and vases. Art has always been part of my life and now in back in the South I am able to work as a full time artist. I paint mainly with acrylics, many layers are applied in order to build up the work. I always like to add texture to the work and the drying time of acrylic paint allows me to do this. Using a variety of tools I scrape back layers or scratch in to the surface to reveal the layers below.

About My Art

Spring Flowers

I always take a lot of photographs for my art while out walking I also sketch the different landscapes, flowers and birds. These together with everyday objects give me the inspiration and the ideas I use in the different pieces of work. I aim to create pieces of work that are bright,colourful and vibrant.

Although I sell the original works that I paint, I also sell prints online too. You can find a few prints available that you can customise on the Saatchi website. They will be printed and posted to you. You can buy prints by John Birch at the Saatchi art website.

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I have no exhibitions coming up at the moment but You can buy work online,

John Birch Online store

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